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Environmental pollution and the presence of excess carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere are some of the consequences of factory farming. Intensive factory farming calls for the use of chemicals which in turn have diverse impacts on the environment. Herbicides and other pest controlling chemicals are but a few examples of these substances that affect our environment. However, factory farming has been practiced for a long time as it resulted into massive production. More sophisticated methods have been brought into use so as to increase production. However, these have had negative impacts on the environment.

Factory farming has also contributed to global warming. Research indicates that many factory farmers keep numerous animals. These in turn produce a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The excess emission of greenhouse gases adds to the damage to the environment. Keeping many animals also results in reduction of the green cover of the atmosphere. The green leaves provide food for animals. The reduction of green cover in the environment consequently reduces the ability of the atmosphere to absorb greenhouse gases (Turner 98). This paper will highlight issues concerning our environment and its protection. The impacts of factory farming will be segmented into independent values.



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Factory farming involves the use of chemicals. Maize farmers use fertilizers to boost the production rate of their farms. Research indicates that some of the fertilizers contain large portions of potassium that is quite harmful to the soil organisms. A big amount of chemicals leads to the death of soil microorganisms that help in aeration. Herbicides also get washed into water bodies. Such accidents have always resulted in water pollution in many parts of the world. Recently, a lot of fish have been found dead in some lakes that neighbor flower farms in Brazil (Prenton 562). Research stated that the fish must have died because of water poisoning by the flower farm herbicides. Such poisoning is a direct effect of factory farming.

Factory farms equally emit big amounts of wastes into the atmosphere. Factory farming activities are normally carried out in small pieces of land (Turner 37). Many of these activities are concentrated in rather small plots of land. Such activities consequently lead to excess waste production. It is recommended that these wastes be refined before emission into the atmosphere. However, farmers sometimes disregard this principle of waste treatment. Often raw wastes are released into rivers and lakes. Such kind of practices, in turn, pollutes the atmosphere.

Factory faming is also an equal contributor to soil erosion and degradation. The presence of huge numbers of livestock in small land areas exerts pressure on that region. Such pressure, in turn, breaks soil particles into smaller parts. Wind or water erosion then finds it rather easy to carry such soil (Devra 73). Large numbers of livestock also exert pressure on the available land resources. A lot of grass and fodder is required to feed the numerous livestock that exists in factory farms. This, in turn, reduces the green covering on the earth’s surface. Keeping large numbers of livestock should always be checked and controlled to avoid depletion of the environmental resources.

Environmental destruction emanating from factory farming is also blamed for increased disease infection among human beings. Polluted water bodies carry harmful chemicals that cause diverse effects to human beings. Great amounts of bacteria from farm wastes have sometimes found their way into water bodies. The polluted waters spread diseases that invade human life. Cholera and dysentery are some of the worst forms of illnesses that often infect people who stay close to contaminated water bodies.

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Contaminated chemicals sometimes find their way into the human body system through food that we eat. Excess presence of some chemicals in vegetables can sometimes transfer the risk to the metabolic domain of a human being. Cancerous infection can be a result of poisonous food consumption. Such foodstuffs range from green vegetables to beef. Some types of poultry are usually fattened using lead-rich food supplements (Turner 132). The lead finally finds its way into the body tissues of humans. Such effects only come as a result of factory farming.

The concentration of animals in small areas causes increased presence of negative effects. The urine and manure from such livestock equally cause a lot of water and food contamination. Soil is equally at risk due to the consequences of animal activities. Ammonia and methane are among the gases that are produced from livestock wastes. These gases cause a lot of irritation when they get in contact with the smell glands. Such irritations result into headaches, nausea and even cancer. A lot of control should therefore be instituted when practicing factory farming.

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Factory farming has also contributed to global warming. Globalwarming is the general increase in the average earth temperature near surface and oceans (Turner 55). This increase is mainly caused by increase in greenhouse gas emissions brought about by human activities like deforestation, industrialization, mining and farming. Factory farming is one of the major human activities that catalyze global warming. Global warming began in the mid 20th century and is likely to continue all the way to the year 2100. Scientists reveal that an increase in one degree Celsius is already dangerous for our planet. Global warming causes effects that are harmful to life. For example, it increases the chances of floods, storms and raging fires.

Global warming is caused by increase in the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions. Various human activities boost the emission of such gases that are harmful to the environment. Combustion of fossil fuel for example results into the emission of carbon dioxide as a by-product. Industries, automobiles and forest fires are examples of human activities that produce carbon dioxide as a by-product. Research carried out by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reveals that developed countries are the major producers of industrial gases because they have many factories (Turner 39). Deforestation, on the other hand, has an effect of reducing the number of trees which would otherwise help in absorbing carbon dioxide.

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Global warming harmfully affects plants, animals and various phenomena on Earth. The increase in temperature causes sea levels to rise and this leads to changes in precipitation patterns. With these changes in precipitation, agricultural products become pretty unpredictable. Serious hunger cases can thus come as a result of weather changes. Subtropical deserts also have a chance to expand, thus, endangering life. IPCC conference came up with revelations that arctic zone is expected to have more warming (Prenton 563). Such temperature increase in the Arctic zone will definitely cause retreat in glaciers, sea ice and permafrost. Global warming also increases the chances of floods, storms and raging fires.

The negative effects of factory farming affect all countries alike and should therefore be looked at keenly with an aim of cubing it. All world leaders should seek for a solution before the effects get out of hand. The less developed countries and the poor face more serious danger from global warming. That is why world unity is necessary to protect the disadvantaged (Turner 194).

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Environmental pollution is one of the serious negative effects of factory farming. Wastes refining should be practiced in all farms. This will help eliminate the harmful components in the wastes before disposal. Refined wastes are considered to be safe. Such substances carry no poisonous particles. All farms should practice such measures in order to help preserve the lives of fish and other water animals. This is because most farms release their wastes into water bodies. The manures from factory farms should equally be checked and controlled. Free flowing manure should never be allowed into water bodies (Richert 239).

Factory farmers should equally venture into planting trees and other green cover. The livestock fodder should be planted in large amounts to boost the green covers. This is a strategy to lessen the increasing presence of carbon dioxide gas. Green leaves help in absorbing greenhouse gases from the environment. Such absorption reduces carbon dioxide which is the principal cause of global warming.

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The use of chemicals in the farms should also be controlled to avoid secondary contamination. Farmers should spray herbicides during calm wind to reduce the spread of the chemicals in the environment. Herbicides and fertilizers have always poisoned water bodies. Such contaminations can always be reduced through controlled use of the chemicals.

Positive and productive remedies can sometimes be initiated. For example, the farm manure can be recycled and used to boost the soil fertility. The farm waste can also be harnessed to produce biogas electricity and gas. Chicken droppings and cattle dung make very good soil manure (Richert 237). Farm yard manure can be used to provide nutrients for the soil. Suck positive remedies should be practiced to create sustainable income.


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