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The term recycling is generally wide and can be used to mean a series of activities. These activities include processing, collecting, separating, marketing and making use of stuff that one could have thrown. Municipal solid waste refers to solid wastes that result from the community, municipal, institutional, commercial, as well as, recreational activities. Municipal solid waste includes rubbish, garbage, ashes, discarded automobiles, and dead animals. (MSW) according to the Texas definition is majorly looked at in terms of the sources of the waste rather than the properties or the constituents of the waste (Beukering, 2001). There are several municipal generators such as retailers, general public, distributors, and repair services.

Municipal solid waste can be classified into either hazardous or non-hazardous. The industrial solid waste I further subdivided into three classes. It is essential to know that dilution of any kind can not convert hazardous waste into non-hazardous. The convenient way of managing waste and positively impacting on the environment is upholding the 4 Rs system of reuse, reduce, re-buy and recycle (Franke et al, 2001). Many individuals opt to use items that are reusable instead of those that are disposable as numerous items undergo recycling each day in any given state.

There are various advantages that are associated with recycling. One such benefit involves financial income. A single home might have several un-needed stuffs that and whose possible future location is more likely to be a dump site. Items such as cell phones that are already used can be sold to earn income instead of dumping. There is also a substantial financial benefit to recycling communities as they receive these items at reduced prices. This is a significant economic boost to the society at large. The main reason as to why the economy is immensely strengthened by recycling is due to the fact that it provides jobs, reduces cost of energy and also conserves the environment (Beukering, 2001).

Another benefit of recycling items is the fact it helps a great deal in conserving the limited resources. Items made of aluminum are expensive since aluminum is not easily available. Throwing an aluminum made can is likened to pouring out about six ounces of gasoline. The environmental protection department of Pennsylvanian reports that there was a truly huge benefit in 2004 when Pennsylvania recycled 1 million tons of steel. This recycling alone led to saving of about 1.3 million tons of iron ore, 62,000 tons of limestone, and 718,000 tons of coal (EPA, 2009). This in turn, leads to the saving of energy. There is a great reduction in energy costs when items are recycled. Energy used to recycle several aluminum cans is probably the same energy measure required in manufacturing a single brand new aluminum can.

The third benefit associated with recycling is the very principle fact of building a community. Every community in the present day world is very concerned with the recycling of already used items and the conservation of the environment. Individuals have apparently teamed up and work hand in hand in lobbies, curbside recycling programs and free recycle organizations in an attempt to promote recycling. These acts have brought societies together, and thus a peaceful and conducive living environment has been created among individuals. As a result of individuals taking the step of working together, jobs have apparently been created. Incinerating about 10,000 tons of waste creates a job for a single individual. Six jobs are created through land-filling of 10,000 tones of waste, while 36 jobs are created by recycling 10,000 tons of waste (Franke et al, 2001).

It is justified to conclude that recycling brings a lot of benefit to society than harm. It generally promotes the forward movement and development of the world. It preserves the environment and on the same note makes the world a better place for humankind survival. Recycling municipal solid waste is very essential as it creates jobs and brings people together in an attempt to create conducive surrounding. Recycling is thus an act that should be upheld and encouraged by every individual for an anticipated better tomorrow.


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