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Best practices case 5-9 as presented by Franklin Covey compares the past cultural practices and the present ones. The comparison was done using NAFTA as the reference. Various companies are expanding tremendously in the areas of management and staffing. Thus, the companies often find the need to introduce cultural organizational changes in order to attain global competitiveness.

The Mexican-based companies try hard to match up the market competition as well as utilize the NAFTA opportunities. Changes are done in the mind of the people first, since reception of diversity is intricate to attain in any organization. After acquiring sufficient individual know-how it is then possible to attain global cross-boundary enlightening.

Incidentally, several companies experienced a misalignment in the organizational structure. The misalignment occurs since the prevailing market conditions can’t thrive under the previously established surroundings. In Mexico, U.S and Canada the managers almost address prevailing challenges using past strategies. Consequently, due to the increased competition, companies employed web technologies. These technologies allowed more compressed yet influential managerial structures.

Additionally, managers should introduce changes in the organizational culture that allows the company to acclimatize quickly to the latest market conditions. In order to achieve a credible organizational culture, managers should change their attitudes first. Then, afterwards, enforce the top-down principle-centered organizational change in their subordinates.

Conversely, applying the seven habits of highly effective persons developed by Seven R.Covey presents a perfect structure for individual transformation. These habits are globally applicable to any company that seeks to establish their diverse corporate culture.. The habits include being positive, planning, prioritizing, always winning, seeking the understanding, synergizing and always being informed.

Extensively, these habits are applicable to an individual as well as an organization. These habits involve the worldwide values needed for convergence amongst NAFTA organizations. Notably, the individual interpretation of the seven habits remains the same for all organization regardless of the cultural diversity. However, the nationwide impact is felt during execution.

Borguino from Uruguay noted that human beings live according to instruction as opposed to their God-given aptitude. Therefore in Latin America, senior managers ought to posses understanding on how to manage the new cultures amongst the Americans before introducing any change. This means that the managers have first to change their attitude before they can succeed in changing the company culture.


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