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Free «The Gulf Stream» Essay Sample

My biggest problem in adjusting to the new oceanic conditions incase the Gulf stream will be turned off in a very short time will be how to transport the cargo from North America to other European ports. Given the fact that the Gulf Stream has been known to be a powerful surface current which is driven by the Trade Winds, the absence of such winds will imply that the ships will have to consume a higher amount of fossil fuel (diesel) and thus heavily contribute to effects of global warming. Given the fact that the new oceanic conditions will result in melting ice as a result of global warming, I will be forced to use alternative sources of power like fossil fuels to power the ships and deliver the cargo to their expected destinations. This situation will create a catastrophic ice age which will in turn lead to the diminishing fuel supply to be used in powering the ships.

Assuming that the turn-off of the Gulf Stream has not yet happened but there was a strong possibility of doing so, the contingency plans that I will take to cope with the situation will be to use nuclear powered ships. The use of nuclear powered ships will save the time and money that could have been used in buying fossil fuels and also reduce the effects of global warming on the environment. Alternatively, given the fact that the Gulf Stream has not yet failed, I could still look for alternative means of transporting the cargo like for instance using the planes to ferry the cargo to their relevant destinations. The melting of the arctic ice cap will result in an ice age and thus being in-charge of ship scheduling in the firm, I will also device other cheap and convenient logistics which will ensure that the cargo safely reaches the destinations (Lane 2009).


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