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There are different sources of pollution. Biosphere is polluted by solid waste, gas emissions and discharges steel, metal and engineering plants. The great damage to the water resources is made by the effluent pulp and paper, food, timber and petrochemical industry. The development of road transport has led to the pollution of cities and transportation routes with heavy metals and toxic hydrocarbons. Permanent increase in shipping trading caused almost universal pollution of seas and oceans by oil and oil products (VanDeVeer, Pierce 1998).

In order to stop the increasing damage to the environment, some restrains should be provided. Firstly, it would be reasonable to provide the taxes to those factories that overuse the possible level of pollution. Secondly, the managing control of the factories should be improved, especially the monitoring system after the utilization of wastes. At last, the environmental education is essential thing. In addition, a clear definition of environmental impact and implementation of programs for its minimization should be introduced. Increasing efficiency through optimal use of raw materials and natural resources should be provided. What is more, the general scheme: eliminate, reduce and reuse waste and maximum recycle should be followed by all the factories.

That is why; the issue of corporative responsibility to the natural environment should be introduced. Thus, top-level managers should always consider the risks and effectiveness of the strategy of the environmental and labor protection. The important thing is the improvement of the environmental and labor protection through the usage of advanced control systems, and setting goals. The corporative responsibility is very important issue in the business. That is why; the follow of its main rules will decrease the level of pollution and produce the natural environment to work and live.


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