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Kuwait is an Arab country located in the western Asia. It name signifies a fortress that is surrounded by water. Due to its proximity to water surface it faces a good deal of environmental issues. This is mainly due to the various industrial activities going in and around this place. Of all the possible environmental issues facing Kuwait, pollution is the most persistent one. It ranges from water pollution, air pollution, and soil pollution to Air pollution. Recent studiers have revealed that Kuwait has the leading house waste emission.  All these are primarily caused by rapid rate of industrial growth. Other activities also are increasingly contributing to this menace. They include agricultural activities and transportation. In this essay we shall discuss the issue of pollution. This essay looks at the economically profiting industrial development versus environmental concerns.


With industrialization comes emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere. This includes release of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur among others. These gases are present in high levels in Kuwait leading to rise in health issues such as respiration disorders both in the short and the long term. They also mix with rain to form acid rain which in turn causes disorders of the skins among its inhabitants. Secondly, the large out springing of industries and other economic activities leads to an increase in waste discharge. As seen before, Kuwait leads in annual waste discharge. This means that most of the discharge is done haphazardly. Industries continue to discharge their waste materials to water sources without proper treatment. This automatically leads to water pollution. Consequently, it causes water related diseases and other infections. Apart from affecting it immediate inhabitants, it also interferes with the marine life which in the long run affects people who feed on aquatic life. Thirdly, due to the rapid expansion of industries, more space is needed to hold the mushrooming industries. This means that deforestation is the order of the day. Consequently, it leads to rapid desertification due to lack of rainfall and soil erosion (Jabbra & Walstom 77).

Possible Solutions

However, it goes without saying that with the application of proper environmentally sensitive activities, this issue can be mitigated or even eliminated. These could be in the form of responsible waste disposal. This is the most likely measure likely intervention to bring about realizable objectives. Therefore clear and workable environmental conservation policies should be put in place. These will govern waste disposal and ensure that those found not to be abiding by these policies meet the full force of the law. Secondly, industries have been sensitized to come up with environmentally friendly packaging for their products to reduce solid waste pollution. Currently, the municipal in Kuwait is working hard to reduce environmental pollution This effort has been witnessed through the increase in the creation of awareness through campaigns and seminars aimed at addressing the issue (Lehr 5-10).


In conclusion, it is only fair to say that most of the inhabitants in Kuwait are still not aware of the need to maintain a safe environment. They are not aware of the danger that this issue predisposes them to. Apart from the direct impact that this has on the inhabitants, environmental pollution in Kuwait affects the globe. This comes in the form of green house effects such as global warming and also the risk of ozone depletion. However, Kuwait has initiated environmental awareness among its stakeholders. This has been depicted its efforts of organizing campaigns and seminars directed at handling the environmental issues. Although, this could take long and a significant amount of resources, it is a significant step towards an environmentally safe Kuwait and the world as a whole.


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