Free «Linear Equations and Inequalilties» Essay Sample

Part 1

Moscow of Russia set her record high temperature of 101 F (38.3 C) in July 2010.

To convert 101 Fahrenheit to Celsius as required, use this formula: [(F  -  32) x 5]/9

i.e. [(101 - 32) x 5]/9 = [69 x 5]/9  = [345]/9 = 38.33o C.

The previous record high of 100 F (37.8 C) was in the previous week of the same month as above. Using the same formula, we obtain: [(100 - 32) x 5]/9 = [68 x 5]/9 = [340]/9 = 37.78o C

As we connect a few points of these two different lines in a graph, they are not straight lines, not even parallel to each other.

Part 2

Formula: C = mx + b in Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet):


m = 1.43, b = 40, x = 73


On the spreadsheet below, you can double click anywhere on it so the spreadsheet can activate. You can change the value of x in B5 to any value you want, then press 'Enter' key to find out the total monthly cost.

Note that when x = 0, C = 40; and if x =1, then C = 41.43. At this point, we know for sure that the line is going gradually up to the right (+) forever (and down to the left (-) indefinitely).


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