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Water scarcity has caused innumerable chaos aimed at controlling water bodies flow, volume and appoint priority uses of the commodity. Research has revealed that scarcity of water can lead to violence and further displacement of populations. Management of water resources has equally created tensions over priority usage. India and Pakistan provide a classic example of two countries that are still fighting over absolute and prejudiced control over river water resource. In retaliation, rebellious Pakistanis gangs frequently attack Mumbai; in India over hundred peasants have lost their lives while defending the country’s electricity generating policy. This paper focuses on cases of conflicts brought about by human competition over water resources.

Animals and human need direct access route to a nearby water resource. Whenever direct access routes are blocked or denied, aggressive behaviors and protects ultimately develop to demand for equal opportunity. Pakistanis are justified to attack India because the Pakistan Media and political groups have inoculated the public to believe that India is deliberately over-using river water for hydroelectric production to make Pakistan suffer. Furthermore, India and Pakistan politics, aided by respective countries media have created controversy over water resources taking advantage of the ignorant Indian and Pakistani peasant societies. Thus, water affects political life and climate of every society and nation in the world. Pakistan used river water to support extensive irrigation schemes and farming while India that is uphill is using constructing high dams to hold the river water back for hydroelectric power generating projects. Pakistan public feel aggravated over the drastic fall of water volume. On the other hand, Indians feel dejected by Pakistan’s aggression against the right to use the river water for electricity power as well as irrigation.

Molen and Hildering look at the need to share water resources more responsibly by involving all communities instead of creating social chaos agitated through economic and political vehicles to perpetuate divisions. Government can reason together and write a treaty arising out of the water sharing agreements could extend further to include harmonized economic projects and regional trade cooperation that will benefit the Indian and Pakistan communities.

Anxiety over the responsibility of handling water resources for all the stakeholders benefit still persist. For instance, fight for water is one of the major obstacles that peace efforts face in the Arab-Israeli peace talks.


Potential conflicts arising due to the scarcity of water resources continue to be duplicated around the globe. In future, when the impacts of global warming are projected to hit the surface of the earth severely, the human race is likely to develop a culture that accommodates free access to enough quality of water.

As Molen and Hildering point out treaties to share in a responsible way available water resources could lead to greater cooperation of communities and stakeholders in other areas of development such as trade partnerships. 


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