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This paper is a report of the experience of hurricane Katrina, which took place in Mississippi and Louisiana. This hazard experience brought a big challenge to managers in disaster management sectors, the researchers from the University of Louisville discovered helpful information from the site. They came up with information on how to handle future disasters and management. One behavioral example recorded during Katrina emergency is the use of non-traditional agencies in order to help in rescue operation. Also another behavior I noted as in the paradigm I chose is the use of personal fishing boats, where these people acted as volunteers to those affected by the disaster. This is an outstanding show of statesmanship, as it demonstrated unity and recommendable relationship in the American community. Another recommendable behavior illustrated in the paradigm I chose is how the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries coordinated with other sectors to help in the rescue operations.

Hurricane Katrina brought in development of communication between organizations, for this was not the case prior to the disaster. During the disaster, there was little or no communication at all between organizations. This is evident for there was a challenge or rather a communication breakdown between the U.S Coast Guard, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The latter was conducting rescue through the use of boats, while the other organization was using aerial rescue facilities. It is after this disaster that communication between organizations was boosted, and this was recorded as a development resulting from Katrina Hazard (Hyndman, 2011). From the example I am summarizing, it was also reported to be complex on how to tell the exact number of people who were rescued from this disaster.

Researchers reported that, the disaster promoted national dialogue and development of the city, merging in different sectors for the improvement of the state. This includes bringing together influential people from all organizations, to cater for the development of the country. It is through the communication breakdown from Katrina that it was realized that communication is a vital tool in case of an emergency. Therefore, organization came up with strategies and implemented them with immediate effect. In addition, coordination between organizations was also established, which linked different local organizations together. Also from the disaster, it is shown that, in the future, practitioners will be greatly helped by research in order to come up with a large scale for assisting in coordination. This will be of help to both the local and international community when it comes to responding to any disaster. It was also noted that, disaster management programs should be well advocated for, and every organization to have a department for disaster preparedness’ and management.

The hazard that was experienced during Katrina left many people in dilemma, but also acted as a wakening call to many organization and states in general. Many states uplifted their standards of being ready to undertake any disaster after they witnessed the Katrina. In America and other countries internationally Katrina was a lesson to all that they should all be prepared for disaster especially in areas which are prone to disaster. This can be achieved through education, creation of awareness, performing drills and set up of organizations whose main responsibility is disaster response. The memories of Katrina are still fresh in the minds of the people who underwent this horrible experiences and it is their wish that no other people should undergo the pain and anguish that they underwent thus the need for proper planning and adequate preparedness to the disaster.


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