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Free «School Climate» Essay Sample

There are a number of factors influencing human behavior. These are man’s interaction with the environment in which they live, biological, psychological and social factors. Aggression is an individual’s behavior intended to cause harm to another person. Personal factors like sex, traits, beliefs, attitude among others determine a person’s readiness to aggression. Features of the situation such as provocation also affect aggression. School based aggressive and violent behaviors may occur within the school compound, while travelling to and from school or during school sponsored events. School administrators admit that cases of violence in schools interfere with learning activities due to school avoidance, reduced focus on academics and emotional reactions of victims of violence. To curb the vice school administration results to a wide range of violent prevention strategies. The programme that a school adopts should apply to the nature and severity of behaviors and attitudes to be addressed.

Schools should identify and respond to students experiencing emotional or social difficulties. Warning signs such as social isolation, disconnectedness from school, impulsive expression of anger and substance abuse exhibited by a certain individual should not be ignored. Treatment of such student in a caring and supportive manner assists him or her deal with their problem. School climate impacts significantly on the nature and extent of school-associated violence. School climate also can affect the degree of student’s emotional attachment to their school. Their level of commitment to prevent violence and promotion of peace become affected too. Establishment of trust between students and adults maximize the chances that students will confide in school staff when experiencing a school or personal problem. This helps staff members in providing necessary help. Trust also optimizes chances of students informing adults about other students plan to wreck havoc and harm others. Evaluation of the adopted programme is crucial in determining achievement of desired results and if it will address the changing nature of aggressive and violent behaviors. Many programmes if implemented appropriately can reduce the level of aggression and violence in schools. Anger management lessons among students should be encouraged to avoid escalating negative feelings, which may bring confrontations. Students who have not learned to control their emotions are at risk of aggression and violence.


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