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It is an interesting phenomenal how nature works. This can be equated to how wildlife fits in the environment without being controlled by anybody. For instance, it is amazing how things work in a food web where you get some plants feeding on others, and animals feed on the plants, or other animals. Carnivores are said to eat herbivores, which in turn are said to be eaten the by big fierce animals. As a result, human beings watch in amazement how nature operates in a self perpetuating process, trying to cycle rare resources of life.

Ecologist, Paul Colinvaux explains how amazing living system works in all places. This is from the indigenous trees to temperate forests, as well as the canopy and the shade it provides to the grassland. The fierce animals truck the smaller ones, and de-generating of minerals from the soil, giving back to the ecosystem. It is a wonderful cycle.

Animals in the forests survive by the food that nature provides to them, and it is vital for the fittest in the forest who has to survive. The minorities are guided by the mercies of Mother Nature. The fierce animals determine the creature which lives and which die. Species are designed by a process known as natural selection, which solely determine which kind of species can adopt to a given environment, with variant characteristics.

In a nutshell, the ecologists believe that they are in a position to explain as to why there are more fierce animals than others, why some animals are bigger than others, and why some animals tend to feed on other, this is all in control of the eco-system. The big and fierce animals therefore are rare due the huge competition that they face in the search of food from their own species and other.


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