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Free «The problem of flooding in the United States» Essay Sample


The problem of flooding in the United States is not a new phenomenon since it has existed for a long period of time. The big question which one may ask is why it has taken the federal government and all stakeholders too long to come up with a solution. In this regard, the search for solution should be heightened now than any other time in history. Modern efficient emergency and disaster management strategies are therefore critical to flooding management in the country. Flooding problem create unprecedented havoc in many areas in US downstream floodplains. The problem of flooding is a great threat to economic development in many areas. The government spend a lot of many to repair infrastructure destroyed by flood. In addition, it is prudent to note that the rural floodplain provides habitat for flora and fauna as well as agricultural land in America. Floodplains are prone to continuous flooding and the areas are associated with destruction to agricultural land, property, businesses and disruption of livelihood. It heartbreaking to lose lives, property to flooding disasters in this time and age whereas there are existence of sophisticated technologies which can be used to save lives.  The federal government has been providing emergency disaster management strategies and programs which are geared towards solving the problem but to no avail. The failure of the strategies implemented by the federal government may attribute to lack of policy coordination with the locals to ensure that an efficient lasting solution is arrived at. This research study critically examines modern disaster and emergency management strategies designed to control flooding negative destructions in US. This research builds on earlier studies to come up with insightful strategies in disaster and emergency management, which will not only control flood in flood prone areas but also offer efficient solution to continuous flooding problem in the country.


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