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Over the last few decades, human activities are on the rise as well as technological advancement. The ever curios nature of human has driven them to invent quite a number of technologies which are having negative impact to the environment. If this trend is not tamed, the negative impact to the environment is a major threat to the current and the future generation. Complication in human health is on the rise and it is believed the harmful gases resulting from the human activities is playing a major role in polluting the environment.

Release of toxic vapor and gases can be accidental spillage in the workplaces or the release can either be intension between different warring countries during the warfare to kill, injure or completely destroy the predator. This type of warfare is quite different in that it does not take effect through explosive and its commonly known as mass destruction of human being or rather all living organisms. Some release are not actually between the warring countries and accidental release but can also be intentional release of the gases in chemical industries or in treatment of other necessary elements. Some chemical products are very necessary and very useful but only when used in relevant amounts, if such products are released in the vicinity of people and then released in extreme amounts they can kill or even injure people who are around.



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Veins, artery complications together with lung injury have been the cause of many deaths following the exposure to toxic vapor in different warring countries. From such deaths, it has been seen that human respiratory systems are largely affected by the airborne chemicals and research show that management of respiratory system is of great importance in saving life. Accidental release of toxic chemical vapor has also been seen as cause of death in countries like India, Tokyo and even Moscow. Direct chemical reaction together with acute breathing system distress and delays before treatment has been seen as the main cause of chemical injury.

Release of toxic vapor and gases from the industries have been quite of great influence to the gases which control the temperatures of the earth: methane, water vapor and ozone (greenhouse gases).Greenhouse gases are those gases which are capable of absorbing the infrared radiations in the atmosphere. Gases containing more than one atomic molecule of the same type are believed not to be affected by the infrared and thus they are believed to be the main cause of the increase in the greenhouse gases. Most of these gases are seen to be released in the industries. This release of toxic vapor and gases has by far affected the level of the greenhouse gases leading to the great vary in the world temperatures. Increase of the greenhouse gases have been seen as the major causes of the Global temperature rise which is quite harmful to the environment and the human health in general.Burning of fossil fuels have been believed to increase the greenhouse gases concentration. Changes in the balance of the climate system have been due to changes in greenhouse concentration of the gases in the atmosphere, aerosols and the sun radiation. This increase in the temperatures have caused a major increase in the Global temperature (Ipcc 2007).

Release of the toxic vapor and gases has also led to the reaction of the gases produced in the atmosphere it causes acidic rainfall. This type of rainfall is quite effective to aquatic animals, plants and also to the infrastructure. This type of rainfall is much more effective to the aquatic animals because they need water to breath, when the water get acidic, these animals will get sick and eventually will die. The PH measure of water is 0-14,7 being the neutral level. When there is acidic rain the Ph value will fall up to 4.5 which all the aquatic animals cannot survive with. At PH of 5.5 all the bacterial decomposer animals which eat the remains of other materials which other animals cannot eat will begin to die leaving behind un decomposed food in the bottom of the sea which eventually pollutes the water for the fish to swim through.Acquatic plants grow very at 7 to 9.2 PH when acidic rains gets to be more of a problem then it means that all the aquatic life will die eventually.

Acidic rain also causes quite a great effect to the forest, acidic rain tends to damage the outer waxy coating of the trees which protects the leaves. In normal cycle of plant operation water changes to liquid to a gas inside the leaves but the waxy coating have been affected gas tends to take the place of the water. This prevents the plant from taking in carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis which leads to drying up of the plant. Acid rain also tends to damage the surface of the leave and needles thus making hard for the tree to withstand the cold conditions.

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According to Environmental Protection Agency (1995) sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and ozone cause direct damage to leaves of crops and plants by entering the stomates.This exposure of the leaves and needles to air pollutants can break down the waxy coating which prevents excessive water loss and damage from diseases pests and drought.

This acid rain caused by release of toxic vapor and gases in the environment have also caused breathing and lung problems in human being who have asthma and in children it has been linked with the acid air pollution. There have been recorded premature deaths of 550 people, more than 1500 visits in the emergency rooms and more than 200,000 asthma symptoms. If this release of toxic vapor and gases to the environment is checked then there would be many health problems avoided(Environment Health Centre 2002).

Release of the toxic vapors and gases in the atmosphere have caused air pollution this is mainly found in the urban areas which mainly comes from the industries built all over, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons are among the many pollutants found. These pollutants are dispersed in the world in high concentrations enough to cause serious health problems.

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Sulfur dioxide being very irritant has been capable to cause death at concentrations of above 400-500 parts per million(ppm) and can also incapacitate at concentrations above 50 ppm.This sulfur dioxide gas is a form of toxic gas which mostly comes from combustion of coal and fuel and in the process of producing sulfuric acid. Sulfur oxides injure man plants and even destroy materials. Sulfur dioxide makes breathing difficult by constricting the finer air tubes of the lungs, when in high concentration the sulfur dioxide is said to irritate the upper respiratory system of the human beings (Environmental Protection Agency 1995).

This release of toxic vapor and gases which have led to pollution of the gases in the atmosphere have to the decrease in the lung function and increase in the heart attack this pollution also leads to affecting of the people with heart and lung disease. Carbon monoxide also sudden illness and death, mold causes eye, throat and skin irritations (ATSDR -AIR 2009).

Acidic rain caused by the release of the toxic vapor and other gases in the atmosphere have led to the death of the birds which mostly depend on water for food like beavers and the waterfowl .Also animals which depends on plant for food or for habitat like dwelling birds will begin to languish. Human being depends largely on animals and plant for food. Incase of acidic rain fishes will be wiped out and those people who depend on fishing for livelihood will be hard hit. Incase one eats a contaminated fish with mercury after the acidic rain can be a great health problem. In addition to plants and animals water mankind drinks will be greatly affected by the acid rain. Acid rain have a caused great damage to the buildings, bridges and other structures as paint have been seen to peel off and cars have faded all over.Taj Mahal building in India and Washington monument are among the man buildings in the world which have been affected by this rainfall. In the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and other places in south America ancient Mayan pyramids have been destroyed by the acid rain.

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If not checked in time this will rise to be acute environmental threat which will be hard to curb in days to come. This is a systematic threat as it is affecting all and sundry in the world living,non living,acquatic animals and even mankind. Due to the increase in the industries in the country there will sufficient increase in the amounts released to cause serious harm to the environment. Exposure to this environmental chemical threat causes massive destruction and death.Animals,plants,acquatic animals cars and buildings are all affected by this chemical threat.

Remedy to this environmental chemical threat are available because human being is the one who have the solution to all these problems, these solutions are very effective as some are simple roles we can play me and you. One can determine the type of chemical threat by first contacting organizations like National Institute of Health whose mission is to develop new and improved medical counter measures against toxic chemical agents which can be released at toxic levels either by accident or natural disaster(NIH 2006)

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The risks involved in this type of environmental threat can be mitigated by;

  • Reducing the time one uses his personal car so as to reduce the burning of oil, creation of electrical so as to minimize the burning of fuel as this is one of the pollution.
  • Machines which consume power should only be run when they are on full load
  • Lights should be put off whenever they are not being used
  • Heaters and air conditioners should not be used often
  • Burning of fire should be minimized and recycle should be used instead of reuse
  • Homes should be made energy efficient
  • Plants should be planted and people should avoid buying products which contain chlorofluorocarbons
  • In transportation field people should walk or use public means in order ,use alternate fuels like propane, ethanol or natural gases and motorists should travel at low speeds not unless when necessary(Lane 2003).

The responsible governments can first asses the risks involved before building an industry and making the information well to the public.

This is a chemical threat as it causes death to aquatic animals; destruction to plants causes serious sickness t, leads to damage of buildings and peel off of colour in cars. This is an acute environmental which calls for concern for regulation before it gets beyond control.

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To sum it al, human activities are contributing negatively to the environment and the current changes that are being experienced is a s a result of human activities who are not paying much attention to conserve it.


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