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The so-called consensus on global warming is settled science

For the last few decades the issue of Global Warming became one of the most discussed. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Global Warming is “the increase of the near-surface air and oceans average temperature” (Ruddiman, 2005). However, there is a hot discussion among this issue. Some scientists claim that this problem is only humans’ fault. Meanwhile, others are assisting on the fact that it is not only the human issue, but also the natural issue, that happens independently from human beings.

As it was mentioned above, scientists have two opinions about the issue of Global Warming. Supporters of the human reasons of this issue say that global temperature is risen by greenhouse gases produced by humans. They support this theory by the fact that people do not worry about emissions produced into the environment. The main issue for them is earning money without thinking a lot about the results of their actions. Considering all these facts, scientists all over the world try to prevent the further rise of Global Warming effects negotiating different ways of its solutions.

In contrast, other side of this argument asserts that Global Warming is a natural phenomenon and people can do nothing with it. For example, physicist Frederick Seitz confirmed with his research that increase of the emissions of greenhouse gases has no effect on the rise of global temperature and “that it is erroneous to point fingers on Industry as the culprit behind current increased levels” (Robinson, 2009).

To conclude, in my point of view, both sides of the argument are right to some extend. I think that the issue of Global Warming is the result of both human and natural actions. We can discuss for a long time who is right and who is wrong giving different arguments. However, the problem is that we should gather all our efforts for fighting against it. It is already moral issue and everyone should understand his/her own responsibility for making a contribution to solving this problem by stopping to waste energy unthinkingly and using natural resources.


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