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Natural resources are a group of assets that occur naturally in the environment. They are resources because humans exploit them to supplement their existence. Natural resources include oil, minerals, timber and gravel. Wasting of natural resources refers to the extraction and utilization of the natural resources in the ways that eliminate their recurrence or potential future use. Wasting of natural resources has become very rampant in the United States up to a worrying point. This paper will highlight the several ways, in which wasting of natural resources occurs in the U.S. Furthermore, the paper will discuss the potential risks that the U.S. faces if the trend continues unabated.

Humans are prone to waste natural resources in a variety of ways. However, the wasting could either be intentional or unintentional. Intentional means of wasting resources is propagated by people whose goal is to get rich quickly. On the other hand, unintentional and inevitable wasting of resources can be attributed to the fact that humans cannot be 100% efficient. To begin with, there is over reliance on natural gas in running vehicles. However, there is the option of using an electric vehicle. Vehicles that rely on natural gas are cheaper and easier to maintain than the electric vehicles. Consequently, people prefer using vehicles on natural gas despite the effect that they have on the natural resource. Natural gases are nearing depletion while their continued use pollutes the environment. Natural resources are also wasted through expansion of cities. When cities expand, there is a need for forest land to be cleared and timber cut down to facilitate the construction. Furthermore, natural aquatic resources are greatly wasted through human encroachment.

If this trend of wasting natural resources continues, the country stands to face dire consequences within thirty years. To begin with, these natural resources will be depleted. Depletion of the natural resources, especially natural gas, can devastate the economy as well as the livelihood of the people. Furthermore, wastage of aquatic environments can lead to the extinction of aquatic life. This includes the aquatic animals and plants that cannot keep up with the changes in their habitats. Furthermore, continued wasting of the natural resources can result in devastating changes in the livelihood of people. Many people, who are dependent with their profession on these natural resources, will end up being jobless. The fact that many people are jobless leads to the proliferation of many other social problems such as crime and other related vices. With a breakdown in the social order, the economy of the country will decline steeply and the country may face another financial crisis.

There are several ways through which this wasting process can be avoided or slowed down. These ways seek to ensure that the resources are well utilized and preserved. To begin with, the government should invest more in alternative energy sources that can be replaced rather than sources that are constantly depleted. For instance, the government should encourage the use of renewable energy sources, such as the wind and geothermal energy sources. Additionally, the use of electric cars that do not rely on natural gas could help alleviate the situation. The government should also encourage recycling as a means to preserving the natural resources.

In conclusion, wasting of natural resources has become a major issue that needs immediate attention in the United States. The effects of wasting natural resources are so immense that the issue cannot be ignored. Therefore, in order for the U.S. to ensure that its future is secured, and then proper utilization of its natural resources is paramount.


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