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Free «Ethical Decisions» Essay Sample

Mohandas 'Mahatma' Gandhi’s ethic of non-violent resistance has received a wide range of acceptance all over the world. This could be because it looks more practical and straightforward as compared to other theories of ethics. People usually undergo situations where they have to choose between peace and violence. For that reason, Gandhi’s ethic is a very important tool in daily decision-making.

Gandhi’s ethic upholds the principle of doing non-harm. He states that one should not do anything damaging to others or to the environment. He explains that one who harms others is actually causing harm to himself. Unlike Aquinas who insists that ethics begin from the knowledge of God, Gandhi supports the opinion that one does not have to be religious to become ethical. Gandhi therefore advocates for religious tolerance.

The nonviolent ethic has an aspect of environmental conservation. The ahimsa doctrine from which the ethic of nonviolent resistance must have been borrowed discourages causing harm for both men and the environment. Gandhi was against overexploitation of the environment in order to acquire wealth at the expense of others. In fact the Hindu religion which has influenced Gandhi’s ethical theories discourages the killing of living things for food.


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Gandhi’s ethics of nonviolence has been preferred in this essay because of its practicality and the frequency of its application in everyday life. It is common knowledge that people occasionally disagree with each other in the society where they live together. Some disagreements can lead to physical fight. However, application of the ethic of nonviolence enables to make a sober decision during such times. Gandhi practiced the ethic and had many friends with various religious backgrounds. He promoted love, peace and harmony among people of different religions.


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