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Leaders are supposed to be highly responsible because they have a profound impact on people who are their followers and whose actions and behavior they are capable of influencing. If the present-day society has its own ethical leaders, some ethical practices of varying concept are constantly carried out in the society. Being an ethical leader, you have to be able to find and help in the development of best people since it is considered to be a moral imperative, which assists people to live a better life and create more in and for themselves and others around them (Starrat, 2004).

It is very important for the leader to be able to maintain appropriate confidentiality since it portrays some respect that the leader has for people. In so doing, the leader can build trust in people whom he serves. Such building of trust can enable people to be rather comfortable when it comes to sharing their concerns, thoughts, and ideas. Sometimes, it is a great challenge for the leaders to maintain confidentiality as, in some cases, it may be deliberate out of the maliciousness or it may be out of the situation where the leader is forced to break confidentiality.

In ethical decision-making, important decisions that are taken by the leaders should be legally and morally acceptable in the community. An ethical leader should be able to make right ethical decisions since being a leader means that have to first think of the welfare of people who are your followers and their well-being. When it comes to the process of decision-making, the leader should always be just and fair and should not be self-centered (Tittenmore, 2003).

Legal and ethical behaviors are somehow related because what is termed to be unethical is usually illegal. However, in some situations they contrast because, sometimes, what is perceived to be unethical could still be legal and, vice versa, what is termed to be legal could be seen as completely unethical. This then becomes very hard to determine what is ethical and what is legal.

My recommendations for the leaders in different organizations who might experience similar challenges would be to try treating others the way they would like to be treated themselves. This is because there is no such leader who would like his or her confidentiality to be unveiled; thus, they should try being ethical since ethics is the foundation of all human relationships. If a certain situation is uncontrollable, it is rather wise for the leader to seek for some help from professionals like, for example, the help of a psychologist in order to take control over such a situation.


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