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I wish to apply for a masters’ course in Business Administration to enable me pursue a career in marketing as a specialty. The course would significantly enable me to achieve concrete skills in market analysis, technology adaptation in the marketing domain, formulation of marketing strategies as well as results evaluation, during the course of my career. After earning the masters degree, I wish to venture into large scale business in my local society with the aim of pioneering socioeconomic changes in the Saudi Business locality.

I have a firm background in Business, having studied a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration- marketing division, where I attained a GPA of 4.05 out of 5, having always been among the top students in my class. In addition I have gained a four year hands on experience in a family establishment regarding business management. I have practical skills in marketing through creative advertisement publications during the duration in which I ran the family business. I enrolled for the degree program and graduated from the King Saudi University in Riyadh in 2010, whereby I gained proficiency in business studies. This helped me to attain a broader perspective of the field and increased my career prospects. I took a course in problem resolution and decision making in 2008, as well as a course in positive thinking in 2009. Further, I attained excellence awards for two years from the Saudi University. These notable achievements have given me an all round experience that has boosted my confidence as a business entrepreneur, as well as an administrator and marketing executive. In 2009, I took part in a humanitarian course as a volunteer worker during the Jeddah City flood disaster in Saudi Arabia. Also, I have contributed in many ways towards the social-economic well being of the local societies through my family business establishment. For instance, I have pioneered a community entrepreneurship initiative through mentoring young upcoming business people, as well as advancing them support through business association, retail distribution mergers, and formation of self- help groups in the society

The country of Saudi Arabia, like many other areas in the Middle East region, has recently experienced major changes in the economic and trade platforms, thus leading to a surge in free trade and international trade links. These factors have led to a massive development of unprecedented business opportunities in the manufacturing as well as the service industries. I am therefore very confident that advancement of my knowledge regarding business administration and marketing will serve as a very competitive edge in my efforts to transform the Saudi business community, both as an entrepreneur and as a policy formulator in the Industry. Subsequent to earning my master’s degree, I plan to further my studies and attain a PhD in the same area; a qualification I feel will allow me to apply for a position in the Saudi Government as a trade policy formulator and implementer for the benefit of the Saudi people.

While the study of marketing is a key target for me, I also have interests in writing articles and stories, as well as reading extensively for a hobby, a factor that has assisted me to attain a good perspective in the society as well as balance work and entertainment. My former Heads of Department have a very positive review of (please insert the name of your former university) University, especially as concerns the school’s special focus on research methodologies, quality assurance and technical as well as analytical emphasis of the course. It is my sincere hope that I will be given a chance to further my studies in your university.


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