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Free «Ethics in Nursing» Essay Sample

Nurses are people entrusted with the role of taking care of people. On a daily basis, millions of people entrust their lives to them for the best care. Nursing is a calling, yet it is among the difficult jobs in the world. This is because nurses frequently get exposed to a lot of emotional weight that in some cases affects the individual. Nurses have to be gentle and understanding to everyone. This is because a nurse has to be self sacrificing, patient and caring. These are the three most dominant characters expected in a nurse. Every day, a nurse has to wake up, and despite their personal issues, they are expected to be loyal to their patients as they attend to them. It is difficult for any human being. Therefore, nurses’ efforts should be acknowledged for the outstanding work they relentlessly every single day. Nursing is a key factor in the world’s healthcare. This paper will focus on the article “ A critical lens on culture in nursing practice” by Lisa Bourque.



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Implication for future practice in nursing

This article examines the concept of cultural safety and competence through relational ethics. The implication of this article is that it instills in health care workers need to be culturally aware. In addition to this, nursing colleges will start offering courses that aim towards creating cultural awareness in health workers. Training programs in cultural competence have been advised and implemented in various countries including Canada to address these issues.  This is because, when nurses and other health care workers understanding the diversity in cultures. They are able to relate better with their patients. In addition to this, these programs promote relation ethics by helping nurses relate to the indigenous people better as well as the environment, as well as the universe.  (Tschudin 2003).

Implication for future research in nursing

This article will help in forming the curriculum for medical colleges as most of them will be required to incorporate studies geared towards promoting cultural awareness.  This will thus initiate further research in that department as the progress and outcomes of the new studies are evaluated. New developments and discoveries are in progress to expand areas of interest in health care. Nurses in the future will also be required to research and learn about the culture of the locations they work in so that they can adapt more easily. In the future, knowledge on cultural diversity of a region may be a key requirement while seeking employment opportunities. Thus, this should be introduced in all health care courses as it leads to increment on the quality of healthcare patients receive. (Benjamin & Curtis  1992)

Implication for ethical issues

Ethics refers to how one should behave. In nursing, nurses should be patient and understanding towards their patients. However, this is made impossible by the prevailing cultural differences that at times may exist between the nurse and the patient. Culture plays a key role in how nurses interact with patients. Different people have different cultures, and this influences their health behaviors. Therefore, this article encourages nurses to learn and respect the different cultures that may exist to ensure interaction  with  patients. This is because they are able to appreciate other people’s point of view and avoid situations that may intrude or disrespect the patient’s culture. In order to be culturally competent, a nurse has to be willing to integrate a little cultural understanding with nursing care. This ability and knowledge helps to eliminate the barriers that would otherwise hinder quality delivery of health care services.  (Tschudin 2003).

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The perception a group of people have in regards to an illness, and the manner in which they seek health care are also influenced by culture. Therefore, a nurse ought to value diversity and the dynamics involved where cultures interact as well as have institutionalized cultural knowledge that can help them adapt to cultural diversity. Ample knowledge about culture will; therefore, help improve the health care provided in hospitals.


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