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Free «Hate and Tolerance» Essay Sample

Some people do hate others because they are different from them. A person can hate some other person because of his skin color. Furthermore, some people hate others because they belong to a different region. Personally, I have a preconceived idea about black Americans. I get scared whenever I met them at night. I usually try to avoid them and pass them very fast. On the other hand, I do not tolerate homosexuality. Whenever I look at gay people at San Francisco, I make grimaces, and I have a heavy heart when I read through essays.

In one essay, someone said that racial prejudice is the most difficult prejudice to do away. Like the preceding, I find it hard to overcome this biasness. Nonetheless, I do not believe that prejudice could be changed to mean hate. Besides, I have never hated someone because of my biasness.

According to his essay, he alleged that hate crime is very broad concept and very suggestive hence, cannot be easily measured. As a result, the government has had difficult times punishing hate crimes as per the rule: "Do we not owe something more to the victims of hate? Perhaps we do. But it is also true that there is nothing that government can do for the hated that the hated cannot better do for themselves."


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The writer believes that we can change the perception of hate with tolerance. Moreover, hatred is a driving force of the world. And he also thinks that more work need to be done so as to stop hate crimes. The writer argues that people should work together to make changes in the way people treat others. "There is only a transcendence of it. For all our rhetoric, hate will never be destroyed. Hate, as our predecessors knew better, can merely be overcome".

Hate crimes hurt in several ways. Therefore, we need to improve this. Hate crime law may not be very important when dealing with hate crimes. However, if we changed our conception, then we could overcome hate crime.


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