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Crimes and offences are some of the things that human beings cannot totally run away from as they are part and parcel of life. Crime is one of the things that tend to be a serious threat to many nations. The efforts made to curb this issue of crimes have for the previous years not bore any fruit. Crimes are highly punishable and these punishments are tame those who fall victims to this act. The reason as to why both the judicial system and police department were established was to help in the fight against crime. Many policies have over the last ten years been implemented to deal with this issue but as new policies are implemented, crimes also advance in both methods and techniques. Many philosophers have been doing more research in finding solution to this problem and have come up with various policies and rules that can help in doing away with the problem. According to each and every philosopher, his or her findings are the best and should therefore be implemented. Due to this mix-up in philosophers' opinion, all the findings collected from every philosopher were put into test or trial through implementation (Taylor 38).

All these findings have been observed for years, though they are good but cannot still curb the situation fully. This makes the philosophers to go back to research to find more possible and ideal solutions to this problem. There are crimes that tend to be difficult to solve and the only solution to such problems is to eliminate those who fall victim to such crimes. Family is also one of the important bodies that can largely contribute in controlling crimes and offences. The work of the families is to ensure that those individuals whose fall victims to crime issues are given proper guidance on how to evade the act. Family members are supposed to understand both the merits and the demerits of what they are doing or are planning to do. Crimes only depend on how those who commit it were brought up in their family from childhood to adulthood. Every family fights in ensuring that no members of the family get entangled with the hash punishment by the authority (Vlastos 28).

At times a member of a family can commit a serous offence that can only be solved by the authority. This drives members of a victim's family to making difficult decisions that are not good for the family's safety. The family may try its level best in solving such problems but cannot come up with an ideal solution to the problem. On the other hand, the solutions made by the family may not serve as a lesson to be victim and this means that the victim would not have learnt anything from the solutions made. This happens because some of the families do protect members of their family even if they commit serious offences. This protection is one of the things that has triggered crimes and has made the rate of crime rate to go high. This protection by the family members, also has negative impacts to the family itself as the those crime victims can in future commit serious offences within the family that can in turn lead to loss of life.

It is always advisable ford the family members to report any kind of offence committed by anybody be it from the family or any other place. It does not necessarily mean that reporting of these cases to the authority leads to harm. The authority is only to correct the mistakes made and to remind the victim or victims of what to do when a situation like that arises one more time. Many philosophers have also found it ideal and a good thing to do in reporting those family members who commit crimes. Though the victim may view the family members with a negative perspective of hating him, but after the punishment, he or she would have realist his or her mistakes and congratulate the family members for helping him or her.

Aristotle's law is also contributes to the issues of offence or crimes and how to reduce them. Aristotle's law sees it as a wise decision or thing to report those family members who commit both serious and light offences. The law demands for the report as those family members who are found to be protecting criminals are most likely to be answerable to the authority and a hash punishment is subjected to them. This kind of protection will no longer be seen as per the way it is but as another offence altogether (Smith 47). The law is based on the transparency and this means that protection by the family members of a criminal only does nothing but to interfere with the policies and implemented laws. This is also viewed to be one of those factors that bar transparency and justice. Aristotle's law therefore considers a criminal be of no genuine family but of the criminal family and should therefore not be protected by any family whatsoever.

This law only tries to find more genuine and ideal ways of curbing the situation. According to this law, everybody is equal and in the same way, all criminals are equal despite their family backgrounds. These therefore call for justice and transparency as every criminal is to be punished according to the crime he or she has committed. When all these measures are taken in place and the issue of family protection of criminals is done away with, then the rate of crime rate can reduce to the lowest level. This can be so because everybody will be acting as reporter to the authority.


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