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Free «Best Ethical Theory» Essay Sample

There are a variety of theories that are set in place by the different theorists that aim at ensuring the morals of the people are well taken care off. At the same time ensure that the individuals living in a particular section relate In a specific manner that will facilitate them have good relationship without them having any conflict with each other thus ensuring that each individual is responsible for there actions after there performed actions. Thus in this case it governs the outcomes of the individual actions thus ensuring that the individual is able to monitor their actions before they perform their actions.

Consequentialism is a moral theory that sets its basis on the consequences of an individual's action thus Consequentialism is a modern theory that aims at monitoring the individual's behaviours (Scheffler, pg 4). Therefore Consequentialism is a moral theory that regulates the way in which an individual conducts himself at the point the where he is morally right and also ensure that the outcome of the individuals are good and effective to the people who are living around him/ her surrounding.



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The theory of Consequentialism aims at ensuring that each and every individual in the world who wants to practice this theory should be in a position to ensure that the outcomes of their actions are always positive. They are also accepted in the community today this is where the action will result to a good result that will be accepted with the other people in the community (Darwall, pg 3).
As stated earlier Consequentialism is mainly associated with the positive outcomes of individuals' actions and this is known as aphorism which slightly indicates "The ends justify the means", while it's distinct from deontology which indicates the rightness or wrongness of an individuals conducts other than the final outcome of ones action.

A Consequentialist is person who adheres to the philosophy of Consequentialism and will follow each of the set doctrines that are being portrayed by the theory. In this case the individual who I strictly following the Consequentialism theory will be aiming at checking on the positive-ness of the outcome of an action in that they will Marjory dwell on the final outcome of an action but not much concerned with the actions an individual is involved in order to get the outcome.

Why Consequentialism was the best

It is noted that Consequentialism is a very unique way in which an individual actions are monitored in attempts aimed at ensuring that the resulting actions and consequences are positive and benefit the majority of the population (Darwall, pg 3). Just as in the case of the utilitarianism that allows one to undertake a certain actions that will provide the individual with the pleasure he will need after completion of the action in question.

The reasons that makes me highly appreciate this action is because it helps an individual or a group of individuals to get their rights or fulfill there plans and acquire the kind of activity or life that they feel is right for the masses of the society they are living in (Scheffler, pg 54). Thus, giving room for an individual to undertake an activity without looking at the way the action is being conducted by an individual but the most possible aspect that should be conducted by the individual is the positive-ness of the result of the action conducted.

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A very good example of Consequentialism is the ongoing mass protests in most of the Middle East countries, its is morally wrong to conduct a mass contest against the siting president or government as this will automatically result to unrest in the country as most of the civilians will be killed and injured by the police who will be tying to restore peace in the country, but it's the failures of the president and his government that has resulted to the mass protests, this is where the citizens will demand for the resignation of the president in order to ensure change in the countries governance, and countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria have succeeded in removing some of their leaders who clanged to power and not concerned about the common man but only cared about there own selfish needs this ultimately led to them being ousted.


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