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Free «Professional Ethics» Essay Sample

Life presents with it several challenges, which puts into, test ones values and ethics. These challenges, however, shapes how a person nurtures ethics and values which are necessary in all aspects of life. This short essay, therefore, seeks to define the ethics and values, identify the sources of ethics, and finally describe how an individual's professional values and ethics impact on the success of a career. The essay will also provide two specific scenarios to describe how professional ethics and values come into play. The paper will conclude by discussing the ways in which professional ethics and values shape one's career success.

Ethics are defined as concepts that are involved in practical reasoning such doing what is acceptable, right, virtuous, and rational, among others. Values, on the other hand, can be described as professional obligations that are in line with an individual's ethics, conduct, etiquette, as well as professional attitudes and values. These values and ethics can be developed in different places and profoundly influences one behavioral pattern (Callahan, 1988). In a nutshell, professional ethics and values can be simply described as the standards of conduct and moral principles that guide professional groups in society. Professional ethics is tasked with judging, identifying and assessing moral standards that characterize people that represent a certain profession.


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There are a number of sources of professional ethics. These sources of ethics are social ethics, personal ethics, and economic ethics. This provides a broad perspective of the many sources of ethics (Chadwick, 1998). In the medical profession, there is a professional code that guides the physicians. They vow not to reveal information about the patient that has to remain concealed. They ought not to disclose the knowledge on healing theories and remedies that are secret.

Military is another profession in which ethics and values play a pivotal role. In military, professional ethics and values play an important role. For example, loyalty is a value that is instilled in military personnel and remains for the rest of his or her life.

Professional ethics and values play a crucial role in career success. Ethics in a profession comes from integrity and selflessness. The professional ethics do not determine the type a person is but adds to the worth of a person. Surveys indicate that ethics and values guides a person to choose what is best for an organization and, therefore, a path to success (Garrett, 1968).

In conclusion, we can argue that professional ethics and values, as we have seen in the case of physicians and military personnel play crucial roles in accomplishments, in one's career.


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