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Gender stereotyping can be presented as a simplified and standardized image related to the particular social role which male and female have, at professional, social and personal level. Gender stereotyping can also be defined as those thoughts and beliefs about the characteristics, traits and activities which are considered appropriate for both men and women. It can be illustrated with an example: traditionally the typical characteristics of women are that they are submissive, weak and domestic while men are typically assumed to be stronger and more social than women.

However, due to social influence, gender stereotyping is always dynamic. It is affected by the ideologies and the economic standards of the society, existing at that certain time, which keeps on evolving, in fact, might even get totally reversed. The elements of a society are men and women. Men and women take up their responsibility according to the primitive division of characteristics of the two genders. Gender stereotyping is mainly seen in marriage, family, politics, wars etc. The main reason was these types of gender stereotyping are that the social system is very much male-dominated. The economy of the society is decided by the men. They are the center of the family and the society while women are considered as a part of the property possessed by men. It can be also seen in family structures where one man has several wives.

Gender socialization can be described as the main mean of controlling human behavior. It is a society’s ideals of sex linked behavior are reinforced by its social institutions.

Society expects different behavior from male and female, and even from childhood they are nudged to grow up in a separate direction. Gender stereotyping is also majorly affected by peer groups. This phenomenon occurs when a human being is expected to behave according to their sex. Gender is a social stereotyping, along with other factors such as race, class, religion, ethnicity, language.

In most countries of the world, certain activities are categorized as masculine while others as feminine. In fact, gender as a continuum is social and rational, rather than categorical. In simpler words, gender only exists as a comparison, if a male exhibits some behaviors he might be termed as “less masculine”. We can say that gender role stereotyping is done purely on the behavior which is expected from a particular gender.

We can conclude by stating that gender stereotyping remains strongly affected by society, school, workplace and the daily life of a human being. It can affect intellectual performance also, for example; stereotyping can lower a woman’s performance in mathematics tests because of the stereotype that a woman is weak in quantitative aptitude. It can also affect the way people think about themselves. It affects the perception that a man or a woman has, such as men assess their own task ability higher than women performing at the same task. This biased self-assessment has far-reaching consequences since they are resource behind shaping a man or a woman’s educational and career choices.


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