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So far, the sales department in the organization has been the leading one in that it has experienced the highest number of sales. That is encouraging to note since the ultimate goal of the organization is to make the highest number of sales and hence substantial profits and ultimate development of the same. However, the issue of ethics in any business transaction is particularly crucial and, therefore, need to be critically looked. Apart from the positive side of the department making highest sales, it has also a negative side that is affecting the organization. Many of the customers have returned products and aired many complaints in addition.

It is easy to discover unethical issues taking place in the organization. For example, the case in hand has already been known that there are unethical issues taking place in the department. Customers with complaints and returned products are investigated and give extremely helpful information concerning some of the things they face. For instance, a customer complained that the products that were sold to him were of different quality from the advertised ones. Few days after, the same was reflected in other customers’ grievances. This proves that the department has been engaging in false advertisement, which is an unethical.

Because of this behavior, which may lead to the collapse of the organization, several steps are to be taken. This ranges from proper or ethical advertising to action being taken to those who will violate the rules of the organization in advertising. Giving of false information about a product during advertising is a highly unethical issue; since the customers’ expectations are not met as predicted by the customers from the details given in the advertisement. It is also illegal as it is cheating the customers (Brusseau 2011). When the customers buy products, they expect the products to meet their expectations. If the products do not meet their expectation, it means that they are more or less futile. They would not meet their needs and hence unethical to engage in falsifying statements about a product.

The organization will consider all of its staff especially in the advertising department should engage in ethical issues, in advertising and product quality. It is a requirement for all advertisements to be truth and not unfair or deceptive. The adverts must also be provided with substantive back up to claims made by advertisers. In addition, another issue that needs to be fixed is providing healthy, practical, and ethical commodities and ideas (Brusseau 2011). This would ensure that customers get products, which would meet their needs and expectations fully. Moreover, advertisements should consider both sides of the products; hence give the advantages, and they ways in which one can be able to avoid the negative sides. Making sure that all adverts are ethical has benefits especially in the effects of improving sales, virtue is a reward, it is reasonable to be ethical in business, in addition to improving one’s, self esteem (Brusseau 2011).

The persons who have been engaging in the unethical business and advertisement, in the organization, will be suspended for several weeks, to act as an example to others. The customers to whom the products did not meet their expectation will be compensated, and apologies be offered on behalf of the organization (Brusseau 2011).

In summary, ethical issues in business are highly significant and ought to be observed for proper business undertakings. Customers are the most distinguished persons for a business and hence need the truth about the products before they commit themselves in buying the products. Therefore, all advertisement must meet the regulations governing the same.


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