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Wollstonecraft states that women have been considered inferior in society. She continues to allude that women do not always have a strong will of their own. They are always the subject of men at any point of their lives. She says, “Men, who consider females rather as women than human creatures, have been more anxious to make them alluring mistresses than rational wives”. Women are preys that in the traps of men (De la Cruz 23). They have to be strong in their minds and hold their opinions dear so that they don’t fall into traps set by men. In comparison, both authors agree that women are always looked down upon by society. De la Cruz asks, ‘What best can a woman do than being found in the kitchen?

In contrast, De la Cruz argues that women have been empowered by their creator (God). He has given them special abilities in different areas of life. Cruz gives examples of many women in the Bible who achieved much by exercising their gifts. Among them are Hannah, Abigail and Esther. In her work, De la Cruz gives example of Mother Teresa. She quotes, ‘Our Holy Mother—my own mother Teresa52—says that after she saw Christ's beauty she was freed from being able to bow to any creature whatsoever, because she could not see anything that was not ugliness; that is, compared to such beauty. This shows that women have been empowered by God not to be seen as inferior.

In her article, Wollstonecraft suggests that the reason for education in women is to edify them. They need to get empowered to manage their lives, including marriage. Thus they become friends and less dependent on their husbands. Men need education in order to be good managers of their lives and homes. However, they should not use the knowledge acquired to derail their women.


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