Free «Moral Issue of the Firefighters» Essay Sample

1. Introduction

The article describes how some workers in the society are exploited in various ways especially as far as financial matters are concerned and the way they are treated in the society and their respective working departments. The people involved in this article are firefighters, who are recognized as brave people in battling fires. Firefighters are termed as volunteers; therefore many people understand that they work for free. This maybe the case when one views how firefighters are treated but firefighters themselves do not seem to look at it this way. The main moral issue that arises is that of discriminating firefighters in terms of the wages they are paid for the work they do. This moral issue does not seem  to worry firefighters because they leave aside all their work once there is an emergency. The difficult part is when the emergency occurs miles away and their equipment is unavailable. This really is a challenge for them since their duties become harder to fulfill.

2. Reasons

The phrase ‘volunteer firefighters’ shows that the firefighters are viewed as people who do their services for free, thus their position is not valued enough nor are  their efforts duly recognized. Therefore, even though they are paid, it is only in cases where they respond to an emergency fire incident, and their rate is low. The fire department says that firefighters work in shifts but from observation one realizes that this is not exactly true, since firefighters immediately respond to an emergency even when they are off shift. This is clearly shown in the way they set aside any other work once there is a call. The reasons above clearly show that there are some moral issues regarding the way the firefighters are treated and the amounts they are paid. 

3. Solutions

One of the suggested solutions to the issues mentioned above is that other members of  society should treat firefighters in a respectful manner rather than see them as mere volunteers. This is vital, because at one point anybody may require firefighters’ services in case of a fire outbreak in their homes. Financial institutions should also support the fire department by lending and donating money in order to cater for their expenses, such as  purchasing equipment required by firefighters as well as catering for their health needs and providing housing facilities for firefighters.


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