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Free «Accessing Healthcare» Essay Sample

Today, there are different types of researches for the healthcare sector. The vulnerable populations have the most emphasis from the position of the community-based programs around the world. There are different issues that address such a situation and the vast majority of them indicate the poor quality of life as the major reason for such a tendency. One of the most suffering populations is chronically ill and disabled people.

The vulnerable populations are the people with disadvantaged such as racial or ethnic minorities, low-income children, the elderly and homeless people, those who have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) along with the other chronic health conditions. Such people have the barriers to access different healthcare services around the globe, including the people of different nationalities, ethnicity, race, age, gender.

The reasons for such conditions are the factors such as the overall income, insurance and finally the lack or absence of the people to take care. The healthcare problems of these people are worse for the reason of other social factors such as poverty, improper housing, and insufficient education.



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The community-based program to evaluate is the non-profit National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD). This center works to improve the health conditions of vulnerable populations by means to promote their healthcare, fight obesity, and improve the management system of different partner institutions. The role of this center is to provide advocacy, offer various support services and run different programs to countless organizations around the world and in the home country. Therefore, it operates based on both rural and urban programs support.

The major emphasis of the center is to address the collaborative organizations to promote the leading health advocacy and improve the position of the disability organizations. Such an effort is possible due to the lots of programs and initiatives of different people. The overall idea of the center is to address the five key goal areas (National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, 2012).

The first one is leadership development that is possible with the help of Inclusive Health Coalitions (IHCs).The funding people get is due to the community of the health sector that works to help children, adults and older people with disabilities in the country. It is also very important to help the “schools, fitness centers, workplaces, health care facilities, and community-at-large”.

The second aim is to provide personal information support, including “information, referral and consultation services to people with disabilities, families, caregivers, policymakers, organizations, community members, health care practitioners and public health professionals”. This is possible with the help of the Internet based information that addresses the web resources.

The third aim is to promote the community and personal behavior changes. Such an approach is possible for the reason of the Health Communications network that uses different social media channels to fight disability and help people recover.

The forth aim is to develop different standards in order to encourage comprehensive policies in terms of physical activity, nutrition, lifestyle, weight management, etc. At the same time, this approach helps to fight different kinds of problems and establish partnerships with the key leaders of the community. The issues with disability in the public sector creates more health options for the communities in order to guarantee the existence of different programs that help people to transform their mind and body.

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Finally, the fifth aim is to develop an all-inclusive training initiative that will be able to tech people with disabilities. This will include various non-disability service providers and the community health provision. The overall need of the center is to find a better support for the promoting policies, the maintenance of the systems and operations as well as the environments that takes care of the needs of vulnerable populations. The other goal is to improve the health behaviors of these people in terms of the physical activity and nutrition. It would also be helpful if there were ways to improve the weight management strategies as to face obesity for children as well as adults with disabilities (National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, 2012).

The disabilities of people along with their illnesses create a trend that such people are less active life. The physical limitation of such people is an inevitable factor that makes bounds on their way to a healthy life. There are different effect of such illnesses and disabilities. Such effects include “cardiorespiratory, osteoporosis, an intensive dependence on people as well as lessening social interactions, and other subordinate obstacles”. The most significant aim for such vulnerable populations is to improve their physical activity. This would help to set back the process of the physical dysfunction for the people (Gaskin, Hadley, Freeman, 2001, p. 11).

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In addition, it would be another way to help such people improve their physical abilities as well as their overall wellbeing. According to Gaskin, Hadley, Freeman (2001), “In the world, various physical activity programs are trying to improve the current conditions for such people along with their rehabilitation process” (p. 27). However, there are increased difficulties in their cost accessibility and training for the people. This is essential to provide the proper education as well as to inspire people on their road to health.

The options for such programs could be to have both indoor and outdoor motivational trainings that would affect people and their potential to fight the illness or disability. The other factors that can help enliven the work of such programs are to consider the gender, age, different physical characteristics, and medical conditions.

The clinical situation in the world is a sign to induce different aid for the fitness conditions that will help people to tackle stress better and could lead to the health improvement. One more important factor is inspiration and joy that people have while being in the program procedure. This makes it interesting to participate in the improvement of different disabilities and chronic illnesses that focus the efficiency of medication and safety for the vulnerable populations (Coburn, Marcantonio, Lazansky, Keller, Davis, 2012, p. 149)

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The major barriers are the limitations of such populations to access the support of the center. That could be eliminated with the help of the different other providers of support. The center could search for the other companies and make partnerships with the ones that have the same interest at heart. This will improve the overall support system as well as enhance the possibilities to serve more people.

The second major barrier is the private or public funding. The overall idea to solve the problem would also consider finding the partnerships to work with the selective populations and more fragments of medical care. This would help to fill in the gap of sensitive support and provision for the people with disabilities.

It would be also very positive to create public events and enroll with the local government and various national programs and grants that can help improve the given situation. In any case, the given strategies would help find the healthcare issues and provide more support that is adequate to provide the funding for people who really need it.

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To conclude, the idea of every center of support for the vulnerable populations is to offer the best help to the chronically ill and disabled people around the world. It is even more important to involve various local, national and international programs that will support the operations as well as the proper funding of such healthcare centers. This will include the volunteer work, development, education, information support, sensitive care, etc. The aim is to learn how to actually help those people and make it with the support of programs worldwide.


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