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The facts that nutrition impacts on people’s health, welfare, life expectancy and mood is almost the same age as a human history. For almost the whole world existence food was the initial and the most pivotal component that developed the human being and the society as well as a history. Normal and rational human nutrition, starting from the very first ages is not only one of the principal components of its development and health, but also the basis for creating an appropriate attitude to ingestion. Nowadays there are a lot of people who neglect the simple rules of nutrition and as a result they find themselves in hospital or in the wheelchair.

Most of all, the nutritional problems are stipulated by poverty, high rate of infections and avoidance of natural food. These problems lead to considerable deterioration of appetite, apparition of unanticipated illnesses, change of mental conditions and, in some cases, death. The most widespread diseases are nutritional anemia, vitamin A deficiency, protein-energy malnutrition, iodine deficiency and others (Nutrition support, quality of life and clinical outcomes”).



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The biggest problem in Americans related to nutrition is excess of pre-prepared and fast food. People are killing themselves intentionally. Instead of buying some fruits, vegetables, rice and oatmeal they prefer chips, hot dogs, candies, burgers and soda. Artificial colors, flavors, stuff, excess of sugar and lack of vitamins and minerals are the typical outcomes of taking unhealthy food.

The outcomes mentioned above result into number one American disease which is called obesity. Obesity appears a weight of a person exceeds its rate. It is one of the pivotal problems in many countries, such as USA and UAE. For example 61% of Americans are suffering from overweight. Obesity is a complicated disease which has three fundamental reasons that cause it: greasy and unhealthy, lack of physical training and knowledge deficiency (Nutrition support, quality of life and clinical outcomes”).

Unhealthy food is at the top list of causes. Nowadays people stopped cooking at home and start consuming junk food and fast food. This food is full of cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates. As a result of such an intake, the body becomes to be overloaded with extra sugar and fats that change the body into a big heap of fat.

The second cause is lack of physical training. The first and the second reasons are very connected to each other, because if person eats more than his or her body expects, he or she needs to burn the calories in the gym. And if the person avoid working out he or she keeps those extra calories which transfer later into fat.

The third issue is related to human’s knowledge deficiency. According to American magazines, people are often not aware of what they actually eat. Here is the blame of factories that supply country with low quality products. As a consequence, consuming of this food leads to a habit, when people do not want to eat anything else but that product. Due to this dependence there are so many incidents of obesity.

Medical outcomes of obesity are enormous. Numerous health problems appear as a result of obesity, such as heart attack or heart deficiency, diabetes and other serious diseases which are hard to treat. A lot of obese people suffer from mental disorder and low self-esteem that make them feel displaced out of society. Nevertheless, obesity can be manageable by consuming healthy and natural food and making some physical activities (Short essay on obesity”).

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Besides this problem, there are many others that are not less destructive for human’s organism. Among the whole population there are two groups of people who are the most vulnerable to the nutritional problems: children and elder people.

The first group which is going to be presented is children. Nutritional problems can often lead to growth deficiency among kids, which are also called as failure to thrive. This can be achieved as a result of inadequate feeding, which may further lead to locomotor ataxia, which in simple words means the altering of coordination, when child finds it difficult to walk, jump or just sit. Other indications of nutritional problems consist in sunken eyes, bleeding gums, cracked lips, dry skin and brittle nails. Those children who find it difficult to gain weight may also suffer from inadequate nutrition, such as lack of fruits, minerals and vitamins (“Nutritional Problems & Growth Deficiencies in Infants & Toddlers”).

Requirements for children’s nutrition are different from those for adults because they are growing. It is significant to make sure that the child is getting an appropriate amount of nutrients every day. General problems with children’s nutrition involve failure to thrive, rejection of food and deficiency of vitamin D.

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Failure to thrive means that the weight of children does not correspond to their age. They appear to be shorter or smaller than others and their puberty may come later. Poor nutrition plays a crucial role in such kind of deviations. To prevent this, parents must be conscience about the well-balanced diet that is appropriate for their kids. The daily ration must include a great amount of proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Taking the rejection of food into consideration one can say that it appears to be an initiator of children’s problems with nutrition. The thing is that a lot of kids are very capricious nowadays. Their desire to eat something or not depends on its color and shape. That refers to vegetables, for example, children do not feel any specific or alluring taste and smell. As a matter of fact, they refuse to take a big amount of vitamins that are there. That is why parent should make up some games or competitions to make their child eat something.

The last, but the least issue is deficiency of vitamin D. According to scientists this problem leads to such a condition called as rickets. It weakens child’s body, makes his or her bones soft and weak. Furthermore it can have a negative influence on bone growth. Vitamin D deficiency, as a rule, caused as a result of excess of sunscreen, lack of outdoor activities, dark skin pigment and of course avoidance of consuming such products as milk and fish (“5 common nutrition problems in children”).

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Another group of people who are suffering from nutritional problems is the elderly.

50 percent of elderly population is suffering from poor nutrition and malnutrition. As a result it causes the disease known as osteoporosis. This malady seriously effects bones of the older people and essentially cut down the level and quality of life. The typical feature of this disease lies in low bone mass and damage of bone tissue that cause its fragility. Here are some common reasons for insufficient nutrition in older people:

Decrease in sensitivity. As a person getting old he or she begins to cut down the amount of food. They start to have so called problems with the appetites. One can say that they have the same problem as children. It means that if the elderly do not like the way the food smells or looks they will not take it.

Side action of medicines. Some pills are able to decrease the level of appetite, entail nausea, or make food taste the different way. If the older person is taking some medicine and does not feel hungry that means that his or her body does not receive any food and calories. As a result of it, the older person, after finishing taking that medicine starts to feel some postprandial syndrome.

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Financial problems. A lot of older people have limited income. That is why, while taking care about their money they start to purchase cheaper food, the quality of which effects their organism.

Sclerosis. Nowadays a great amount of older people are suffering from forgetfulness. The inability to remember the regular schedule for taking food or what to buy in the grocery influences on the condition of their health and nutrition.

An appropriate elderly nutrition is a pivotal element in reaching the desirable quality of life. The high caloric diet is the way to solving most of the problems with nutrition of the elderly. As a result it will help them to have a better vision, positive mood, energy and better sleep. According to some scientists, goat milk products help to provide a healthy nutrition for the elderly (“Nutrition and the Elderly”).

All in all, food – is a combination of nutrients that assists in health improvement. Eating well is important at any age. According to the nutritionists, people will reach much better health, longer life expectancy, improvement of psychological conditions and passion for life if they improve their diets and nutrition. Due to this improvement over the last few years the number of deaths and illnesses has substantially reduced, especially among children and elder people. That is why it is vital to keep in mind the simple rules according to which people should care about their nutrition.


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