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Free «Fast Food in High Schools» Essay Sample

Fast food seems to have some benefits, for example, it is very tasty and does not take time to be prepared. That is why fast food is so popular. This is the problem not only of busy people, but also of students in high schools. Some state governments have considered limitations for the fast food in schools. The reason is that American children tend to be overweight. Taking into account that this food becomes more common it is very important to realize all the impact on the body. Besides, it influences health and causes different diseases. It is the reason of overweight. It also has a harmful impact on the ecology.

First of all, there is a high lever of calories and a lack of nutrition in the fast food products. Moreover, the researchers suggest that it causes suffering from the heart and liver diseases. The high amount of saturated fat which contains in fast food causes the development of cancer disease. This means that the growing child’s body could get much more harm as the adult’s developed body.


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Secondly, there is a high possibility of gaining weight. The reason is not only the high level of calories, but also the fact that fast food is less satisfying and lower in vital nutrients than the health­y food. That is why people want to eat more. If students eat fast food every day at school, they will gain weight. If they gain weight, they will barely do physical exercises and attend sport classes. If they do not do any sport, they will gain more weight. It is a vicious circle. Moreover, the unhealthy lifestyle can harm not only the physical body and health, but it has a harmful influence on the mental activity too. Students’ memory is getting worse; it is harder for them to concentrate and to be attentive. As a result, their success in school can become unsatisfied. There is also a great possibility to become depressed.

In addition to that fast food also influences the ecological environment. Fast food encourages eating more meat. For producing this meat fast food product the producers need a big amount of meat. The result is that they kill more animals. For the animals’ feeding they use more resources. This fact breaks the balance of the eco system.

The worst is that fast food turns to be the main meal and causes the dependence on it. They do not feel the appetite for the normal and healthy food. This means that it becomes impossible to quit eating this stuff until high schools continue encouraging eating fast food and consuming unhealthy drinks. The best advice is to forbid fast food restaurants in high schools. It will safe the lives and health of children as well as the environment. There are fast food restaurants almost in each city and town, so the children have to make their own choice.


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