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Free «Minerals, Water and Dehydration» Essay Sample

Minerals are chemical elements. There are two categories of minerals: macronutrients and micronutrients. The body needs macronutrients in the large amount, while the minerals in the small amount. Every cell of the human body contains minerals which affect human life. They participate in the formation of blood cells, bones, in the functioning of the nervous system and the regulation of muscle tonus. All enzymatic processes occur in the body with minerals.

Minerals are necessary for the functioning of the body and are involved in many processes. They give the strength of the skeleton, combine organic structures. It means proteins and lipids. Minerals activate enzyme systems. They control and regulate the water and acid-alkaline balance. Moreover, they reinforce the effect of neuromuscular transmission and interact with hormones, vitamins and other regulators of metabolism. In total, there are more than 30 minerals and trace elements, without which normal functioning of the body is impossible. The main sources of minerals are salt, bread, vegetables, fruits, daily products, cereals, pasta, meat, fish, poultry, seafood, etc. In addition to that, the primary minerals which the coconut water contains are the same as the ones in human blood.



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Water is the same important component, as all of the above nutrients. Every day, an amount of water is vital digestion, detoxification and maintain normal body temperature. Water provides a process of hydrolysis in all aspects of metabolism. The presence of water is important for the cells and fluids surrounding them, which are called interstitial. It is necessary for the base of blood. The liquids fill all the space within cells and between cells. Being the main fluid in the body, water is a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and many other nutrients.

Water plays a key role in digestion, absorption, transport and utilization of nutrients.

Water has a decisive influence on thermoregulation in the body, the process of energy production and reproduction function. There is no system in the body, which would be independent on the water. As a useful equivalent of the usual water the coconut water affects positively the human body because it improves blood condition and protects heart from diseases.

Water is essential for muscle contraction. Muscle fibers shorten during hydration and extended by dehydration. This phenomenon causes the muscle movement. From a medical point of view the loss of 7% of the total water is a physiological disaster for humans. The Iranian physician Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, in his writings, confirms his own theory according to which a large number of diseases occur due to dehydration. Feeling thirsty and dry mouth are the very first symptoms of dehydration. Since symptoms can appear constipation, delayed stool acidity and frequent fatigue. Some medical journals are materials that such a state as hyperacidity does not exist. The lack of water in the body cause elevated levels of acid in the stomach. Dehydration threatens the emergence of many ailments.

Dehydration is the lack of water in the body. Dehydration occurs when the total body water is less than that required for normal metabolism. The severe dehydration can seriously harm the activities of the body, making difficult or impossible the normal flow of physical and mental processes. Depending on the severity, dehydration can disrupt the activity of the following organ systems: central nervous system, the heart and circulatory system, kidneys and urinary tract, respiratory system. In the United States the death from dehydration is a rarity, though it remains the world’s leading cause of child mortality. To prevent the dehydration, doctors recommend coconut water as a great rehydration beverage. Moreover, it helps even by the treatment of such diseases as influenza, cholera or dysentery. In addition to that, the coconut water becomes more and more popular among sportsmen.

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The human body needs minerals and water most of all. They are very important for the right functioning of all organs. The lack of water makes a huge damage and can lead even to the fatal end. The coconut water is one of the best beverages for prevention of dehydration and for its treatment.


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