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Sleep deprivation is a condition in which a person does not get adequate sleep. The condition often develops as a result of someone experiencing periods of less sleep that he or she normally gets. The causes of sleep deprivation can be divided into three broad categories namely; personal activities, medical problems and technological problems. Personal problems come as a result of one’s own making e.g. personal worries and anxiety. This is common in teens because they are in a stage that needs balancing of the personal, educational, relationships and extra-curricular activities. Personal problems affect a person’s sleep since that individual tends to use more hours thinking than doing other chores.

Medical problems can also be a cause of sleep deprivation. These include taking pills or being subjected to medical treatment that reacts negatively with the body. Medication may cause severe loss of sleep in an individual because it makes the natural rhythms in the body to work abnormally, it causes unnecessary tiredness and insomnia and in some instances restlessness. In some instances, individuals subject themselves to the use of sleeping pills so as to counteract this situation, but doctors do not recommend this idea because it may lead to addiction.

With the growing need for the use of technology, sleep has been greatly hindered. Technology is thought to cause sleep deprivation in several ways. One is that the continued use of the computer and the internet can cause addiction of some programs. Sites for instance like Facebook, porn sites and other social sites often make the teens spend most of their time in the internet, thus having limited time for sleep. Technology is thought to affect the youths in future because other influential and addictive sites will be created.


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