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Free «How to Change to a Healthy Lifestyle» Essay Sample

Human health continues to face different challenges each and every day. There are various diseases and ailments that continue to pose risks to health, some with treatment while others are yet to get the right form of treatment. However, whereas diseases and ailments are major threats to human health, another risk to the health status of mankind arise from health lifestyle that one has adopted. It is important for one to come to an understanding that the inasmuch as there are different diseases and ailments in the current society, the health lifestyle of a person too determines whether a person will continue to be healthy or not.

There are different ways and means of guaranteeing that one is able to lead a healthy lifestyle. To begin with, diet plays a critical role in bringing an assurance in a person’s life that his/her health will be maintained. The current world is characterized by people who are always in a hurry. As a result of this, most people have resulted to fast foods, some of which are cooked poorly while others does not contain the right contents i.e. minerals and vitamins that essential for a health body. According to Goldstein (2010) in an articles that appeared in the New York Times, health living involves eating of the right quantity of food that contains all essential elements such a proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. It is argued that most of these elements are found in vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, it is important for one to avoid fast foods such as chips, hamburgers and other forms of food that are rich in fat while lacking the essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for body building.


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Another factor that contributes to health lifestyles is exercise. As stated earlier, the current world consists of a rushing generation, i.e. a generation of people who are always in a hurry to complete a lot of tasks yet within a limited amount of time. As a result, there are different means of transport that are available have been invented to guarantee that mobility is enhanced. However, to the detriment of the health status of most people, these means of transport have completely reduced the time that people can exercise. However, for a person to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle, one has to exercise to burn the excess fat and calories. This cannot be achieved if people will continue to fully utilize the available means of transport. On the other hand, since the modern world is characterized by schedules, one need to integrate into his/her schedules time for exercise. This would guarantee that one has time to go to the gym, take a walk or run to reduce body fat and calories that are dangerous to the health of the body (Shumaker, Ockene & Riekert, 2009, p.97).

While having an excellent diet and exercising are some of the most important steps in changing to a health lifestyle, they are not the only steps that should be taken into account. It is also important for one to identify good and bad health habits as this will help one to practice goods habits more often while refraining from bad habits. There are several goods habits that one can integrate into his/her health lifestyle and be able to improve on his/her health status. To begin with, eating habits are very important. A person should be able to maintain good eating habits which involve eating food that are plenty in vegetables and fruits and reducing on the overall intake of fatty foods. Similarly, regular exercise is of core value to the body of a person (Brody, 2008).

On the contrary, bad habits entail the over consumption of certain foodstuffs and drinks while neglecting diets that are rich in vegetables and fruits, and the overall lack of exercise. There are many people today across the globe who takes in a lot of alcohol and smoke cigarettes as part of their leisure. However, these substances have a lot of negative effects on health. Similarly, lack of exercise can also be termed as bad health habit since it contributes to saturation of body fats and calories in a person leading to unhealthy issues such as obesity (Shumaker, Ockene & Riekert, 2009). Therefore, for one to lives healthy, he/she will need to take in a balanced diet while avoiding certain kind of foodstuffs, commit to a regular exercise program and avoid bad health habits while putting into practice the good ones.


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