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Whereas alcohol has become a drug of choice for many, it has left teenagers with immense problems emanating from its consequences. Over the years, underage drinking has been on the rise, and it has proofed one of the public health problems in many countries. There has been an increase in teenage drinking, and various factors have been attributed to the trend (Landau 61). The main cause of underage alcoholism has been the developmental transition from adolescence to adulthood. These teenagers encounter physical, emotional and lifestyle changes, which are dramatic, and may lead to alcohol use. Second, teenagers indulge in drinking with various expectations. A majority of underage drinkers go into drinking with the expectation of experiencing a pleasurable feeling. However, it is worth noting that children at the tender age of 9 years view alcohol negatively (Landau 74). They have a belief that alcohol is bad, but this belief shifts at the ages of 11-16 years, when they view alcohol as having a positive and arousing effect.

This trend of teenagers engaging in drinking is not new, it has been there, although its current rate is alarming. This is evident because the causes of teenage drinking are still eminent. However, it is also noteworthy that as life pressures increase, teenagers are forced into drinking. In this era of economic downtown, teenagers are having a challenge coping and are turning to alcoholism as a remedy. Behavioral problems such as antisocialism, withdrawal, depression and anxiety are prone to alcoholism. It is therefore evident that teenage alcoholism is a problem, which has been in the society (Lang 95). Teenage alcoholism has also hugely been attributed to family issues. Teenagers from violent homes where the parents are involved in arguments and physical fights, as well as, drinking are likely to start drinking at an early age.

Therefore, many factors contribute to and the trend is not new.


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