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Free «Reflective Journal: Human Health in Society» Essay Sample

When I was in high school, after watching a documentary on traditional medicine practices in Southern America, I observed that the society is to blame for many of the health problems faced by its members. Upon reflection, I have noticed that most communities still use traditional methods of health care. This practice is prevalent even among immigrants in the United States. Presently, in the 21st century, it is funny how a part of our society is still bound by some rudimentary norms and beliefs that dictate the manner in which ailments should be addressed. The health status of those society members has continued to deteriorate due to the use of unsafe health methods in a bid to conform to the already set social guidelines. For instance, despite the continued outcry in the communities against traditional circumcision techniques, people are still reluctant to embrace the modern methods of health care. Leaders in the ethnic societies still advocate for the use of traditional medication to heal sicknesses such as fever and injuries. This problem in society has greatly encouraged me to find the ways that may help to transform the community by enlightening people on the need to embrace modern health care practices (Postman, 1992).

Life long learning espouses adapting to new environments. I have used this concept to understand the people who depend on traditional medicine with view of changing them. Serving as a registered nurse in a locality populated by immigrants from South America, I have had a strong feeling that the society can be changed from adhering to the traditional practices to practicing modern methods that offer individuals more chances of survival. My experience as a registered nurse has helped to believe that societies may easily be transformed from the traditional beliefs. I have worked in the society for several years as a nurse. Dealing with the natives was quite difficult during the first years. Only a few members of the society visited the health center I worked in, and the cases of deaths in the households were alarming. The elder members of the communities could not use modern medication even when death was certain. Only a few people especially the ones who had attended school understood the need to embrace the advanced health care practices. However, I did not give up in our bid to enlighten the society. We usually had various seminars in our health center where the local administration helped in mobilizing societal members to come and get empowered. In the last three years, the society has been significantly transformed. The frequent cases of infant deaths that used to exist have reduced. Households have apparently embraced our advice on hygienic practices. Since last year, we have been going round the society visiting households and identifying their problems so that we may give the government a clear picture of what has to be emphasized. Most notably, I noticed that the issue of family planning was highly needed to help families regulate the number of children they give birth to. Additionally, it is certain that much has to be done by the government to improve the nutrition of people since most homesteads still use foods that have little nutritional value. We should keep a good track of all the progresses made by the society in terms of health care to improve its wellbeing.

Reflective journaling is usually important for professional practice and decision-making. It helps in identifying facts about a problem or an issue that needs to be addressed by recording events as they happen. Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to improve our previous achievements by understanding new challenges that need to be addressed. Journals usually help people to plan their scholarly advances in a manner that gives an opportunity for future improvements by easily reflecting on what they have done in the past (Boud et al, 1995).

Going by the time frame involved, reflective journals usually enrich us by helping to think deeply about various occurrences and identifying why the happenings occur. They help people to record various events, reflect on the actions that need to be taken, and thereby analyze the facts and their implications.


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