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Free «Teenage Drinking: is it a New Trend» Essay Sample

Teenage years represent the complicated phase of any youngster, because they have many thoughts and emotions in one head. Many teenagers engaged in drug abuse also drink alcohol. As a result, many teenagers are experiencing the consequences of underage drinking. Teenage drinking is illegal and leads to an array of public health problems in many nations. Various reasons attribute to the increase in underage drinking and among the most common are family issues. If one or both of the parents have a habit of taking alcohol, there is no guarantee that the teenager will not follow their path. Parents act as role models to their children, and, therefore, the children will imitate what their parents do, whether good or bad, thereby setting behaviors that most children stick to. Additionally, family conflicts such as constant arguments and physical fights lead to teens’ drinking habit while trying to relax their minds socially.

Another reason for teenage drinking is the transition from childhood to adulthood; they encounter various emotional and physical changes leading them to alcoholism. In addition, teenagers like imitating each other, and because of the desire of remaining in their groups, their peers influence them to alcoholism.


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This is not a new trend, but it has grown at an alarming rate in the modern society because of behavior change. In this era, most parents underestimate the force that relationship problems can produce in their children in return for love and relaxing their mind. That is why, it is important for parents to be best friends of their children, set good examples, encourage healthy alternatives to alcohol and pay attention to the surrounding of children. Additionally, parents should guide them carefully without humiliation and set out regulations.

Therefore, if the society works together with parents, it will help discourage the booming rate of underage drinking, because it is not a new trend.


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