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The Course Rationale

In United States, over 170,000 people under the age 20 have diabetes which is diagnosed (Aubert, 1995; World Health Organization, 2011). There is a growing need for diabetes education among adults, as the disease affects all age and social groups of population (Allman, 2008). The instructional intervention would become best solution to educate people about diabetes and expand knowledge about the types of treatment and their implications.

Aims and Desired Outcomes

The primary goal of this instruction on diabetes in adults is creating awareness about the disease and its symptoms in order to prevent the spread of diabetes. The desired outcomes include the following: obtaining knowledge about diabetes facilitates the prevention of diabetes with 66% accuracy by the end of the class; increasing awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle leading to more engagement in outdoor activities after the learning session with 74% accuracy by the end of the class; demonstrating clear differences between the lifestyle of healthy and sick people, their diet and regime affects changing lifestyle habits by 76%.

Teaching Strategy

 The teaching strategy is based primarily on analysis. In this case, instructor requires basic knowledge about diabetes in adults. The overall procedures of the strategy are based on analyzing case studies and surveys on diabetes (Matthews et al., 2008; World Health Organization, 2011). Therefore, the key skills of instructor are analytical skills and persuasion.

Assessment Principles

According to Plotnick and Henderson (1998) propose, diabetes is in most cases a problem of home management (p. 49). Still, the process of treatment involves both the clinical and home environments. Menon and Sperling (2003) also see the need for psychological treatment to individuals with diabetes. Therefore, the instruction plays a role of general recommendation.


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