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The Course Rationale

The rate of obesity in adults for the United States is approximately 70% of the total population (World Health Organization, 2000). The majority of obese population at the early stages of obesity is lacking education about the healthy lifestyle (Bouchard and Katzmarzyk, 2010). The aim of the instructional intervention is to explore the factors causing obesity and propose recommendations to the people with early obesity stages. 

Aims and Desired Outcomes

The key objective of this instruction is to educate adults on obesity by creating awareness about the obesity factors and merging them with the daily life of these people and to encourage people to change their lifestyle habits towards the healthy lifestyle. The desired outcomes are the following: exploration of obesity factors is likely to stop at least 44% of auditorium from getting more obese; providing knowledge about obesity and its impact for human organism will generate interest for healthy lifestyle by 14%; providing recommendations about lifestyle habits facilitates the prevention of obesity with 64% accuracy by the end of the instruction classes.

Teaching Strategy

Analysis is the core element of the teaching strategy. Therefore, instructor needs to know the basic factors of obesity and have extensive analytical skills. The comparison is based on the BMI (body mass index) indicators (Kopleman, Caterson and Dietz, 2005). Both analysis with comparisons and real life examples will help reach the target audience.

Assessment Principles

Chambers and Wiley (2002) believe that obesity in most cases is a problem of lifestyle and malnutrition. Knowledge about lifestyle improvement, diet and regime facilitates the success of the instruction. Duchovny (2010) also mentions that obesity in adults if eliminated at first stages can considerably reduce the overall rates of obesity.


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