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Free «Pandemic Flu Planning» Essay Sample


Diseases can be devastating for humans but pandemic diseases can devastate the whole society very quickly. The virulent element in the pandemic flu is so ordinary, therefore, not only society but the whole world is at risk as well as facing pathetic circumstances in reaction of pandemic disease. At the time, the most alarming and most deadly pandemic disease is influenza pandemic. The disease is so curious that is why the whole world is so concerned about mitigating, controlling and searching cure of such a deadly disease. However, so far the pharmaceutical interventions have not been achieved success but the strategies to reduce and control the viral attack is at its peak all around the world.

Pandemic flu planning:

World health organization and United States government have organized them to identify the virus, to control the viral attract and to cure the viral patients. However, it does not achieve success yet, but the government and other organization’s comprehensive planning shows that it will ultimately devastate the virus and disease very early.



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The comprehensive plan by government of United States consists on pharmaceutical as well as non pharmaceutical intervention. However, more efforts are being invested in non pharmaceutical interventions which eventually for the time being are helpful to reduce the red alarm. And the non pharmaceutical planning is quite successful or it is the only option we have.

The community level intervention activities are difficult but are the only solution to mitigate the deadly disease. Community level mitigation needs helps from all segments of society like individuals, families, employers, schools, and other organizations. Therefore, according to the researches societal mitigation is much complicated and difficult but possesses the most suitable solution at the time. That is why the United States government is so confident to successfully combat the killing disease. Moreover, the confronting efforts by the government as well as society for mitigating a pandemic flu will eventually build and enhance the community resilience (Flu.gov, 2007).

My state:

My state Georgia had a history of epidemic influenza in 1918-1919 and still has high rate of avian influenza. The things are localized but show some evidence of human transmission in the history and even so. Therefore, the locality is at high risk and needs a plan to wreck the killing disease amicably (United States Department of Health and Human Services, n.d).

What epidemic control steps do you recommend?

The disease is so dangerous which can kill anyone at the spot if precautionary measure cannot be taken. Therefore, everyone is so concerned about their life. My recommendations for epidemic control would be removing the infected birds and vaccinating the live stock, changing the work environment and limiting the individual interaction, reducing the interaction and travel in the areas where virus is found and to educate the people abut the drill to take care of themselves and others as well.  

The legal authorities should take action to properly handle the matter. The laws and rules should be presented and placed not only to accommodate the patients but also taking care of society from the patients.  

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What factors will determine or deter the success of your plan?

The factors which will determine the success of my pandemic flu planning would be. The proper identification of the predicament, the appropriate overview to place the rescuing tactics and the eminent efforts to combat the killing disease.

Are you likely to control the outbreak so that it does not proceed to the pandemic phase 6?

Phase six is the last stage which tells that there were no efforts placed to combat the disease. So, my intentions are to control the pandemic flu at its first level and controlling the flu at fist stage will be my success.  

Would you add anything to the government's plan, or do you think this is adequate?

The government plan is perfect but the thing is to implement accurately. Therefore, I only apprehend the gravity of implementation and strategy of pharmaceutical as well as non pharmaceutical methods for securing the people from pandemic flu viral attack and curing the patients with medication.    


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