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The company should strategize on ensuring that the project is not biased towards one side when sharing of the costs of keeping up the project is determined. The project does not have an outright description of how the cost of bringing up the project will be met. This is risky as some of the partner companies may benefit more but pay very little towards maintaining the project in an operational status. The company will therefore incur losses when the cost of keeping up with the likely increased population of people who get the services from the project. There should be informed criteria for deciding who to partner with and also a proper monitoring system to ensure that the partners operate within the set rules. The likely change in conditions from what is predicted at the time of drafting the terms of operation between MPCC and its partners makes it risky to partner with any person and so there should a strict criteria for allowing other partners in the project. There should also be a proper monitoring scheme to ensure that the other partners remain within the foresighted regulations and also to help respond to unforeseen changes in future.

The issue of maintaining a proper database for MPCC and its partners is very sensitive. One of the key steps to maintaining a proper database is ensuring that double entry or omissions are non-existent. The company together with its partners should higher information science experts to ensure that there is proper coding for all the parties that are entered into the joint database. There can be use of software that will help detect any double entry as this may offer double benefits if a party recorded twice needs services that need financing from MPCC and the partnership. There would also be problems if some of the parties find that they are missing from the database while they needed to be there so as to access all the services. It is therefore important that a proper data entry system is adopted. There should be a regular and complete updating of the database within the shortest periods possible so as to avoid the same problem of missing information or double entry and also improper description of the parties who benefit from the service.

With such a sensitive matter as health, it is important that MPCC and its partners remain within the legal requirements. That way the company and its partners will be protected from crooked minds that might try to use the loopholes in the partnership's laws and regulations. The partnership should hire a legal advisor with the relevant knowhow on related matters so as to help in generation of internal rules and also help in merging the internal rules and the external legal requirements.

Since the partnership serves patients from all over the world, it is important that they be involved in all levels of planning. They should be encouraged to air their views so that MPCC and its partners can strike a balance between the needs from the patients and its capacity to deliver the services. The patients also come from different backgrounds and harmonizing their benefits is not easy without properly generated information. Since not all the predicted conditions are likely to occur with similar precision, the partnership should also consider developing an external and reliable insurance plan to cater for some cases which may be beyond the partnership's capacity. This will also be helpful in ensuring its continuity and the capacity to withstand the unforeseen occurrences such as outbreaks which may ruin the partnership's financial structure.


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