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Free «Federal Drug Administration» Essay Sample

1.      What products does the FDA regulate?

Food and drug administration (FDA) is a United States department that deals with health related to humanity. The FDA has a role of providing protection and promotion of health in public domains through scrutinizing of such things like vaccination, products of tobacco, quality food, drugs prescription, cosmetics, medical equipment, and veterinary outputs.

Consumers are required to take position by reporting to FDA agencies any problem that is seen in products, which they regulate. This gives the department an opportunity to investigate and ensure safety.

2.      Why should you report? Your answer should include two reasons.

In an attempt to determine whether a product is safe, may be drugs, the FDA carry out some tests on the same. One should report as soon as a problem is seen so that FDA can take a quick action to curb the problem.

Another reason is to avoid a large number of individuals from using the wrong product causing a lot of harm. The person who reports might be summoned to provide further details on the same.

3.      How do I report an emergency? What would constitute an emergency?



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In case of an emergency, one can call the emergency number that operates 24 hours daily. The emergency number is 301-442-1240. An emergency is a situation that calls for an immediate response.

The emergency in question may be a sickness emanating from contaminated food or drugs. Consumers can report such incidences in their respective geographic regions. The problem should be stated clearly without omitting any detail that might help.

4.      How do I report a non-emergency? What would constitute a non-emergency?

Unlike an emergency, consumers are required to report a non-emergency through filing a form, phone or even writing a mail. A non-emergency constitutes products of low quality and medical mistakes.

In case of a report, the consumer should provide such details as names, contact number and the number of individuals affected. The name of the store in question including any detail that might help the agency to reach them should be included.

5.      How might you use this website in the workplace? Give me an example/scenario.

Given that, FDA website is available; one can access it even at the place of work. In case workers consume low quality food that affects their health and productivity, one can report to FDA for tests to be done on the same.

The person reporting should give clear details whether after withdrawal of the food in question any improvement came about. In addition, the complaint should include information on what happened upon re-introduction of the same.


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