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Since 2007, officials from Cabell Huntington Hospital have been soliciting funds from well wishers and donors. These funds are aimed at constructing a children's hospital within its facility. This project dubbed hospital within a hospital has been necessitated by the growing demand for children focused healthcare within Cabell Huntington Hospital. It is a 12 billion project aimed at providing pediatric and child healthcare services, with the state of the art technology (Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, 2011).

The facility will help advance the hospital's mission of providing quality health care to the community at an affordable price. Moreover, this children's facility will help in the hospital effort to provide quality teaching services to Marshall University. Currently the children and women healthcare services are mostly funded by the CHH women's philanthropy society. This is expected to change as people are expected to be more aware of the role children healthcare plays in this society (Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, 2011; Fallon, 2011).



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The Need for the Facility in the Hospital

The need for a children's facility in Cabell Huntington Hospital cannot be overemphasized considering the need that has arose for a children focused healthcare. Through the facilities encounters with the children, it has become clear that pediatric care given to the children need not only be tailored to the unique requirements of the kids but should also be well financed and well advocated through research (Health Strategies & Solutions, 2008).

About a quarter of the beds in the Cabell Huntington Hospital are dedicated to children. This shows that the hospital has had an upsurge in the number of kids it is serving. This adds to the growing need for a facility that will specifically deal with children's cases. The growing population of sicker patients as well as the growing number of the NICU patient who require specific care during there childhood put more pressure on the hospital to develop such a facility. This facility will ensure that the technological advances, the new treatment patterns as well as optimization of operational efficiencies are well incorporated and provided (Health Strategies & Solutions, 2008).

Target Population for the Facility

Cabell Huntington Hospital has in the last few years, had and increasing number of children coming in with a myriad of disease. As it has been stated earlier about a quarter of its inpatients are children. In addition in the year 2008 about $45M has been provided to cater for the children treatment. It has become clear to the hospital administration that a facility to cater for this growing need is necessary, hence they have intensified the efforts to build this facility (Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, 2011).

Children have unique needs that need to be addressed. The need to provide good healthcare to these young ones is growing and the hospital has endeavored to give quality services to this particular population. Since pediatric care is different from other hospital services, it is important to employ creative approaches to the facility design and the creation of a friendly atmosphere to the kids (Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, 2011).

The Facility

The Cabell Huntington Hospital has many excellent types of equipment that deals with pediatric patients. However, for the hospital to provide state-of-the-art services it has to attract the best physicians in the world to come work for them. The facility that will be constructed will have high-tech equipments that will be used to provide services and carry out complicated operations that can not be done with the current equipments available (Health Strategies & Solutions, 2008).

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This state-of -the-art facility will be located on the hospitals campus and will be able to accommodate the complex equipments needed to give the best pediatric services. The growing number of patients requiring pediatric care will be handled by this facility; it will also be able to handle reproductive issues more efficiently using the high-tech equipments that will be installed in the new facility. The facility will foster the growth of other programs that are currently not being offered in the hospitals current form (Fallon, 2011).

With the construction of such a facility, many good physicians will appreciate the efforts and will want to work for the hospital as it endeavors to provide high quality services as well as enhance the field of children's healthcare. As these physicians work for the hospital they will be able to develop new programs for the hospital, and help achieve the hospital mission of providing quality healthcare to the community (Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, 2011).

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For the hospital to offer the best quality services to it clients, it needs a state-of-the-art facility to cater for the growing needs of the services it gives. Some of the patients it the hospital need NICU services all through their childhood hence the need for a facility that will cater for such requirements in the required standards.

The hospitals main target is the children's needs, since many of its cases are child related it has been necessary for the hospital to develop a facility that will specifically cater for this part of the population. This facility dubbed a hospital within a hospital will be situated on the hospitals campus. It  will also be used to offer pediatric services as well as other services that will be added as the facility will be used to develop other programs that are currently not being provided by the hospital.

The Cabell Huntington Hospital has had a quarter of its beds occupied by children. This shows the importance of this hospital to have a facility dealing specifically with the needs of the children since most of its patients are children. Also with a state-of the-art facility it will attract the best physicians in the world hence ensuring that it is at par with the best technology in the world.


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