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Free «Health Care Bill» Essay Sample

On Friday, match 19, 2010. The U.S House of Representatives headed for a vote that would see the U.S health system implement an overhaul of $2.5 to ensure the system is is effective. The democrats were very confident of overcoming the Republicans opposition and make the bill pass. The leaders were organized on using the two-step process where the house was to approve the senate -passed law and then it follows a vote for a separate package of the changes to testify the concerns of the democrats (Reuters, 2010). The senate's role was to approve the changes and then the president Barrack Obama could sign the bill into law.

The expectation of the bill was that within one year of enactment the benefits would be as follows;

Barring the insurance companies from the dropping the coverage of people as they get sick by the elimination of the lifetime and the restriction of the annual limits.

The exclusion of the children from the coverage was to be barred due to the unfavorable pre-existing conditions.

Many health plans were actually dropping the dependents from coverage immediately they turned 19 or as they finished college. They seek to ensure that the young adults stay on the health plans for their parents until they reached the age of 26 years.



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The uninsured adults who had a pre-existing condition will gain health care coverage courtesy of a new program that has its expiry once the new insurance cover exchanges begins to operate possibly in 2014.

The temporary program for the reinsurance was created in the view that it would help the companies to the health coverage especially for the early retirees in the age bracket 55-64.This program also has its expiry in 2014.

The Medicare beneficiaries on the drugs but fall in the doughnut hole coverage gap were to get a $250 rebate. However the bill closes its gap and currently begins on the condition that $2,700 has been spent on the drugs and the same coverage begins after $ 5154 has been spent (Reuters, 2010).

The tax credit would be availed to the small business in order for them to provide some coverage for their workers.

On July 1, a 10 % tax on the indoor tanning services that uses the ultra lamps was to be effected.

During the year 2011

The Medicare is providing 10% bonus to the payments to the primary care physicians and the general surgeons.

The beneficiaries of the Medicare should be in a position to get a completely free annual wellness visit and the personalized prevention service plans.

A new program that is under the Medicaid plan designed for the poor goes into effect. The state offers both community and home based care to the disabled.

The interest groups for this bill are the United States political parties with the democrats being for while the Republicans are against. My opinion is to support the bill since it brings the reforms to the healthcare sector that are targeted at helping the poor thereby striking a balance in the access to medical services in United States.

The bill would have major impacts to the lives of the poor in the community since they will benefit greatly as the result of the reforms. The physically disabled people would also be in a position to access the medical services that are communal and home based (Musgrave, 2006). However the bill completely negates those who are well of, thus it is highly biased to some extent by shifting all the attention on the economic emanicitipation of the poor instead of a fair medical cover.


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