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Smoking habit is a threat to nearly all body parts if the studies carried out so far by experts is anything to go by. There are tens of diseases that can emanate from smoking habit and definitely put the life of the smoker at stake. If the statistics are anything to base this research on, impacts on health emanating from smoking is to blame for over 440, 000 deaths in the United States (Boyle, p 13). In each given year, the number of deaths being brought by use of tobacco is more than all others which are brought by accidents, suicides, deadly diseases like AIDS among others. Men are top on the list with 90% of them dying of lung cancer with women coming second on the list with 80%. It has been noted that, 90% of lung epidemics are brought by smoking habits (Boyle, p 18). This paper will explore the effects of smoking habits on the smokers. It will address issues such as, how does smoking affect the smoker health wise and how expensive the behavior can be. In fact, smoking has nothing positive associated with it, it is hundred percent full of negative things.

Before one takes on the habit of smoking, it is advisable for one to know the effects of smoking on the smoker. Many smokers are now struggling to quit the habit which according to experts unless, they do so they risk dying before the get to 70 years. This is because the habit reduces on the health of the smoker more than anything else. It is equally true that smokers die eight years earlier than those who do not smoke (Boyle, p 134).Another effect on the smoker is the number of chemicals that get into the body any time the smoker inhales the cigarette fumes. The amount of nicotine needed by a smoker continues to increase everyday no matter the brand taken by the person. Experts deduce that, apart from nicotine, about 3800 chemicals are inhaled any time one smokes a cigarette (Boyle, p 143). They have observed that, the tobacco leaves are to blame for the hundreds of chemicals that get into the body of the smoker. As a result, the impacts that these chemicals have on the body of the smoker is very destructive. The chemicals are associated with over 60 well known causes of lung cancer.In yet another effect on the smoker is the immune system. It is equally not spared and it becomes weak so much so that, it does not perform its functions well. Due to smoking, the system becomes weak and the smoker is prone to such diseases as influenza and pneumonia. Some of these diseases can be very deadly unless treated on time (Boyle, p 156). Once infected with these sicknesses it takes time before the smoker recovers. Similarly, the chemicals in the body which are charged with the role of providing the body with protective cover is worst hit especially vitamin C. this confirms the worst fears on the effects of smoking to the smoker.

To add on the list of effects of smoking on the smoker is the fact that, smokers loose their sense of tasting and smelling. Most of those people who have taken on smoking for quite some time have been associated with the problem of tasting and smelling substances. This is a very serious effect and demands an action to be taken to stop the habit of smoking. Smoking also has an effect on the skin (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 69). It normally causes wrinkles at very young age making one to appear rather old. Experts have also noted that, smoking can bring with it blindness and problems with the gums. A big percentage of those people who have gum problems are smokers and they risk losing their sight if they don't drop the habit early enough. In the same breath of effects of smoking on the smoker is the maximized pain if one is suffering from stomach ulcers. Most of those people who smoke experience very painful ulcers and they can easily die as a result. In some situations, smokers can even have stomach and intestine inflammation which is equally a big risk. These effects are not only destructive but also deadly (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 79).On male smokers particularly, the effects are far reaching. The male smokers are associated with low sperm count. Experts have also noted that, the male smokers have most of their sperms deformed. These two can be very disturbing effects on men. It is further deduced that, although they can produce sperms, the male smokers can do so but the mobility of the same is questionable (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 87). On the same breath, another equally disturbing effect is the destruction of the veins in the penis which can lead to impotency given that, the blood is not flowing to facilitate mobility of sperms. If the above are anything to go by, the effects on the male smokers are very serious and can bring on the surface more problems unless the behavior is countered on time (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 94).As far as women smokers are concerned, the effects are equally far reaching. Just like their male counterparts, they equally stand a risk of being infertile. The female smokers can start experiencing no or irregular monthly menstrual cycle. On the same note, they time at which the female smokers receive their menopause is disturbing. It can come as early as two years than that of non smokers (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 108). The deadly cancer which is associated with cervix is yet another deadly effect that comes with the smoking habit. These effects can only be dealt with if the smokers stop the habit and shift their focus on improving their health. They are not only many but deadly. Finally on the female smokers, the fact that most of them taking birth controlling pills cannot be denied but experts caution on getting stroke or suffering from heart attack on female smokers.

The effects on the respiratory system are not only many but equally worrying. The air sacs receive a big blow with 98% getting damaged for good. This figure is quite serious. The lungs are not spared either and can be infected very badly and coughing becomes part of the smoker's life. The airways within the lungs are reduced and it becomes sometimes hard to breathe well (United States. Office on Smoking and Health, p 116). This can be interpreted to mean that, the functional role of the lungs is put at stake. Still on the effects on the lungs, too much smoking can lead to accumulated poisonous substances which can lead to some lung irritation and total destruction of the same. These effects by far too many and smokers need to be helped to curb this rather unfortunate habit.Finally, the habit is very expensive to sustain in the long run. The smoker spending habit can affect so many people. The effects simply graduate from the smoker, to the family and the society at large. The smoker must have money daily and if all the total costs are brought on bought smokers can spend to a tune of $1500 in a year. This figure alone is shocking health costs not withstanding. It is a worrying trend in the world given that people are spending money on such things which are just meant to shorten their precious life (Boyle, p 446).


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