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Michael Pollan is an editor of food magazine and often writes on values of a healthy feeding structure. In the Food Rules: An Eater's Manual, he has written and clearly elaborated many points on how food should be eaten, the quantity, type and when it should be taken. His main emphasis lies on the fact that plant foods are the best because they contain many nutrients and are easily assimilated into the body. On the other hand, Michael stresses that people should learn to gauge the quantity of food they eat and also food that they know much information about its production. After evaluating the manual, the best rule that I cam across was number 39 that described the impact of eating junk food. He says that a person can eat so much of it as long as he was the chef. This is actually meant to discourage people from eating junk because they are the easiest food source since they are prepared in restaurants. If we are the ones cooking junk food it is impossible to do so every day because of the lengthy processes involved. This is what is referred to as the slow food movement where people need to avoid fast food like French fries and settle for vegetables and fruits.

Evaluating the arguments from Sarah Elton and Pierre Desrochers, it is clear that these two have a disparity in terms of the origin of the food. Sarah insists that human beings need a globalized system which provides an assorted variety of food. This will allow consumers to sample food from different regions and assess the quality. She asserts that human nutrition has been boosted by the modern farming techniques with a combination of hybrid seeds. International trade brought about by globalization is the key reason why Green Revolution was adapted. Green Revolution has helped to prevent many people all over the world from starving and also sustain food supply all through the year. On the other hand, Pierre says that we should learn to consume food that has been locally produced. Food that has been cultivated elsewhere is likely to reach the final consumer when it is processed. The problem with processed food is that it lacks the nutrients and fresh taste desired in food. He acknowledges that most of the fertilizers used in modern farming are run down to the water bodies hence causing contamination. Finally, he says that most of these area where there is large scale production, the labourers are paid poorly and other unethical activities are carried out. He insists that the food supply system should be as short as possible to avoid chances of contamination from E.Coli or other bacteria forms.

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According to the rules of Micheal Pollan, my food system is quite far from being ideal as suggested. The reason is that plant foods do not really auger well with my appetite. During Breakfast and Dinner there is an element of nutritious home cooked food that is safe and contains all vital nutrients. At lunch time, the food system goes against the Slow Food Movement because I eat fast food that is cheap and available. The values that motivate me to choose the type of food to eat changed when I saw the Documentary called the Dark side of Chocolate. The Cocoa farm owners in West Africa were using children to do hard labour and this is quite unethical. Thus, I know where Pierre Desrochers, is coming form when he insists that we need to know how food is produced before we eat it. My food-consumption value hierarchy is dominated by the fact that I prefer convenience; food is readily available when needed. Secondly, the taste matters a lot and most people like me prefer delicious food that arouses the tastes buds. Thirdly, the food must be affordable since it is not the only necessity in life. Lastly, whichever food I decide to eat must be among those that are allowed by our religion for instance, pork is forbidden. All in all, after evaluating the arguments of the above named writers, I realize that it is important to have comprehensive details about the food we eat as much possible.


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