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Family Health assessment is a systematic action that is carried out to identify the need and support needed in the family to promote good health among the family members. It is normally conducted by primary health care such as competent family member, nurses, chemists, health technicians and registered doctors. In order to conduct my assessment effectively and efficiently, I will first formulate some questions that I will use to interview the family member in order to gather detailed, accurate and reliable information. Some of these questions include:

What is the family health perception in terms of sanitation, hygiene, food safety and quality of food taken and how their body responds after taking it? Do they get satisfied, grow big and healthy or do they fall seek and how often do they get infectious diseases such as bacillary dysentery, malaria all suffer from malnutrition diseases such as delivering children with low birth weight . Again I will consider the family health history to find out whether any of the family members had non communicable disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma which increases the chances of falling seek



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How often do the members of this family participate in physical activities and which kind of physical activities do they do? Do they participate daily and if so for how long, is it one hour or two hours per day. How do these exercises help them psychologically, cognitively physically and how does it contribute to personal identification and peer relationship.

How is the family intimate relationship? Do they use family planning method such as the use of condom and other contraceptives? In case of infectious diseases or any other family problem such as financial constraints, how do they react to help in copping up with the situation? For the infected patient, how do they seek medical health services? Do they go to the hospital or do they just use traditional medicines depending on their cultural believes, norms and values (Wilcock, 2006).

In my family, there are twelve children excluding father and mother thus adding up to fourteen people. The family is situated in urban area where is exposed to so many kinds of risks My family assessment reveals that, some of the Family members are at a very high risk of falling seek because 30% of them including the father takes alcohol, 20% of the family member smoke and 50% have risk occupation. Some are industry machine operators thus getting exposed to injuries in case of machine breakdown; some are in the chemistry hence get exposed to suffocation, poison chemicals and contamination risks. Also the whole family is exposed to the risks associated with water pollution such as transmission of water related diseases such as intestinal bacillary, trachoma, malaria, and bilharzias’ (Mandle, 2006)

The family uses some preventive measures such as disinfecting water with chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria’s, pathogens, parasites and virus in water. For those who smoke and drink find it hard to leave it because they are addicted leading to personal health problem such as lung cancer.

Accessibility of nutritious food is a great problem in this family. Majority relies on jack food such as chips, cakes, baked bread, potatoes crisp, juice and biscuits which makes individual to lose appetite hence interfering with the pattern of daily diet. These foods add no value to the body leading to malnutrition’s resulting to non communicable diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes because of ingesting too much cholesterol products such as chips.

Due to poor balance diet, majority of the family members suffer from constipation because of less fluid in their bodies. The fecal human waste cramps together forming a hard substance that raises other health complication. Anus region get some cracks which take time to heal. Again, diarrhea is rampant in this family because they ingest contaminated water full of bacteria’s such as pathogens and E-Coli that interferes with their stomach wellness. Diarrhea is very common and it occurs frequently in this family so there is the need of health care services. Also they experience great urge of urinating probably it is because they take a lot of alcohol. (Wilcock, 2006).

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Sleeping patterns of some of the family members are disturbed especially for those who take alcohol and stimulant substances such as coffee. They sleep irregularly during the day time and some find no sleep at night hours. Some of them they don’t get sleep at night because of excessive fatigue and occupational stress making them not to relax their mind and muscle resulting to health issues such as ulcers and neuroses.

Morning jogging is highly recommended in this family member whereby majority of them do so. They take like thirty minutes jogging and approximately twenty minutes stretching two days per week. Every Saturday afternoon some go for swimming, some go for picnics, some go to the GYM and some just walk around (Walsh, 2006).These exercises are not that enough for cardiovascular good performance and musculoskeletal system because they do them occasionally and for a very short period. They really need to do more active exercise to burn more calories added through ingestion of more cholesterol food as stated earlier.

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70% of the family members have good memory making them able to remember and comprehend things easily. They have ability to use the little information obtained to innovate new ways of doing things effectively. They could be able to remember what happened in the past when they were young. Again they are able to sense anybody pain and abnormality. However, there is 30% of the family member who cannot comprehend information well and are not sensitive to sense body pain. These are those who are drug addict because sometimes they get out of their senses and they need a lot of help.

There are few family members who have not developed self esteem, self identity and body image because of their low level of education (Mandle, 2006). This is because they have engaged in drugs and substances as named above making them to perform poorly in school and even dropping out of school. As a result, they end up not recognizing their ability, way to live healthy and importance of taking nutritious and balanced diet food leading to more health problem associated with the body stress such as ulcers, hallucination and neurosis. They have also ended up being powerless, hopeless, death anxious and loneliness (Wilcock, 2006).

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The role of the family head is to provide healthy environment in terms of good sanitation and hygiene, nutritious balanced diet and security to all family members. It is parent responsibility to ensure that all children have ability to access health services nationally (Mandle, 2006). It was found out that parent do provide primary health care to the family members through ensuring there is clean and safe water for domestic use, good sanitation and proper disposal of waste thus reducing the chances of getting communicable disease such as cholera, typhoid and trachoma.

Finding shows that, there is presence of parental role conflicts because sometimes parent argue about some responsibilities. Father argue that it is the role of the women to provide health care to the family but the mother says that it need to be shared by both parties. Poor method and manner of communication in the family has also led to a lot of conflicts among family members resulting to depression, anger, mental confusion and body injuries in case of fight (Walsh,2006).

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It is very sad to find that there is sexual harassment, rape and forced sex in this family. Some of the ladies are the victim of Forced sexual relationship by their counterparts when they are drunk. They come home drunk thus out of their mind forcing their wives to have sex unwillingly. Again, those who have not identified there body image exchange sex with money. They have made it as the means of earning an income for survival purposes. Some feel the urge of having intimate relationship now and then because they have never been satisfied making them susceptible to sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/ AID and STDI (Wilcock, 2006).

Findings show that, there is very high degree of problem and stress tolerance in this family. Despite of parenting role conflicts, parents do respect, value and help the children carry on in life. They do persevere even when they are not well to gather enough for the family and to guide and counsel the young ones on the proper way of living healthy life. The family members help the dunked people to relax on their bed until they gain their full conscious (Walsh, 2006).

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Several wellness nursing diagnosis can be conducted to screen the family health issues which include; Physical observation where the nurses identifies the sleeping patterns of individual, amount of bowel excreted, sexuality patterns nutrition metabolism patterns and the rate of physical activities conducted in order to determine the well being of family members

Readiness for problem and stress tolerance behavior is used diagnose family member the ability they have to cope up with the family stress. It also determine one cognitively and self sensory ability when comes to problem solving (Wilcock, 2006).

Therefore, this family need help to improve on their diet by making more nutritious food available to them (Edelman, 2010). Also they should be equipped with more primary health care skills and knowledge to enable them prevent health problem that arise as a result of poor hygiene, poor sanitation and poor waste disposal. Again more health centers should be initiated near them to enable them access health services easily. Also they should be encouraged to do more physical activities to help their muscle to relax.

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Edelman and other health researchers has described health concept that will promote health and prevent disease. Therefore all family members should be encouraged to follow those concepts in their lives in order to leave comfortably. This lifespan approach has included all age groups (Edelman, 2010).

Consequently, Family assessment is so significant and it should be conducted more often in order to promote good health among family members. It is one way of assessing the most pressing needs of the family that will make their life safe and healthy.


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