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Free «New Health Care Reforms» Essay Sample

Thesis statement: In order for a nation to prosper, it is essential that its citizens have an access to better health care, affordable coverage as well gain health care insurance.

There have been major reforms that have been directed to health care since President Obama administration came into office. This has been coupled with a boost to several citizens who were being denied access to effective medical care as a result of the global economic recession. However, the most recent federal statutes in America were passed in 2010 where citizens were to be granted patient protection as well as affordable care without discrimination or favor (The New York Times, 2011). But what were the causes of the health care reforms in America and what were the ultimate causes? The following paper tries to evaluate the reasons that led to new health care being enacted as well as the effects that resulted from that environment.

Causes of the new health care reforms

A major expansion to Medicaid coverage

Previously there has been little progress that had been realized in terms of Medicaid coverage with several Americans being left with a medical insurance that was not federally funded and as a result, the millions low income working families were subjected to poor health condition. This situation caused several deaths to be experienced. On the other hand, there are those who are not low income earners and who are not able to access better Medicaid coverage (The White House, 2011). The orientation of the health care policy is to encompass all Americans who are in need of better health care as well as ensuring that the state of the nation is one worth cherishing.



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The need for a regulated market place

The bills being directed to health care are aimed at ensuring that there is a regulated marketplace that deals with insurance companies that deny most Americans coverage to health insurance. There have been tendencies by several insurance companies in the United States to charge the public exorbitant premiums as a result of their gender, age or the pre-existing health conditions (FamiliesUSA, 2009). Furthermore customers have never been able to fully understand the terms as well as conditions that characterize their plan choices to better health care.

The need to keep healthy families

There is a growing need for the government to ensure that the general public includes significant subsidies which aims at helping the middle class as well as the working population in America to be able to purchase health coverage. As a result, through the legislature the government is committed to keeping several families in the United States healthy than they were (FamiliesUSA, 2011).

Insurance companies to spend more on patient care

It is common acknowledgement that insurance companies have been reaping several dollars through the premium collection they engage in collecting while the health status of the common American remain in jeopardy. It is therefore the purpose of the health care reform to ensure that health insurance does not misuse what they collect from the patients and they are to spend a given minimum amount of the dollar on medical care (FamiliesUSA, 2011). If this case does not happen, then the health insurance company is bound to return whatever funds they have collected from the consumers.

A plan option that provides choice and stability

The new health care reform comes in place so as to compete with the good initiatives of the private sectors that issue health care as they make the already high health care insurance affordable. It is worth noting that through the private insurance plans, few families as well as business have been able to access better health care (The New York Times, 2011). The health care reforms were also stipulated so as to keep the running costs of accessing health care down.

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The need to give Americans health security

The other reason why the new health care reforms were needed was to limit the orientation where Americans are involved in out-pocket spending. Furthermore health expenses were giving the citizens more worry as they have to devise means of meeting the high health care expectations. It was necessary to create a peaceful environment.

Relief for small businesses

Small businesses have been criticized by the public for failing to meet the insurance coverage for their employees, and this leaves the employees at risk when their health is affected. It was therefore a call from small businesses to ask the government to come in with measures that will enable them to meet the coverage of their employees which means making the coverage more affordable.

Effects of the new health care reforms

Meet health care needs of low people

The expansion of Medicaid coverage has resulted to people with low income earnings being able to meet the health care needs. It has been characterized with a comprehensive benefit package which has also offered a limit on out of pocket cost. On the other hand, the consumers have been offered more protection in terms of accessing healthy conditions. Those who had previously not had the chance of accessing health care needs can now do so through the new health care policies.

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Protection of consumer premiums

Before the inception of the new health care reforms, there had been no mechanism that offers protection to the consumer’s premium and as a result, they were used for other things. The policy now ensures that insurance companies can now spend more of the premium dollar on actual health care (The White House, 2011). The middle class and the working population on the other hand can now be entitled to federal assistance which will help them purchase more insurance.

Eradicating debts

Offering coverage for most Americans has resulted in the government being able to limit millions of people from being in debt. Americans will therefore be spending less than 10 percent of their income on health expenses (FamiliesUSA, 2009). Furthermore small business will now be able to offer their employees more coverage in health care insurance as compared to the way it was previously. 


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