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Health behavior is a course of action an individual undertakes to retain good health, reduce exposure to unhealthy environment and further prevent illnesses. On the other hand, health behavior change is the process of abandoning bad habits that can compromise one’s health. It is noted that many people are change averse. Crusade on behavioral change has been a major factor over the past years. Previous medical reports and researches have depicted the source of many diseases and illnesses are the behavioral patterns developed over the previous years. Hence, to form a healthy nation, many are advised on how to properly maintain healthy behavior.

Recent studies report on the findings of the effects of alcohol. I got interested to read about men’s health and realized my wellbeing did not depend solely on healthy food, but also on the little doses of other beverages I used to take for pleasure as well. Some scientists state that moderate consumption of alcohol may have no adverse effects; it appears even to be useful in those minimal quantities. On the other hand, frequent intake might prove to be rather dangerous and even fatal. If to talk about short term effects, alcohol causes insufficient sleep, which is of great impact on ones lives. In addition, hangover is another adverse effect of alcohol. In the long run, spirits consumption causes various illnesses such as liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, infertility and other health issues. The level of performance in sports for those who constantly take alcohol gradually degrades. Human outer appearance is also affected to a large extent. Hence, to maintain good health and quality lifestyle, I sought to consider an alcohol health behavior change.



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Humans are characterized by the fact that the control of conduct is always in their capacity; they can try and change whenever they desire. Hence, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there exist various measures one should undertake. The number one requirement to ensure a decrease in health compromising characters, in my case, is through a slow reduction of partaking alcohol. I sought to stop consuming spirits completely at once, but it proved difficult due to what is called a withdrawal syndrome. Thus, I began to reduce my daily consumption gradually week by week. I cut to almost half the quantity I partook in the previous year. After the first three weeks, which proved to be rather rough as I kept on making the same mistakes, I found motivation; as a result, many great changes occurred. I have been able to reduce consumption every week without any compromise.

To ensure further health improvements, I increased the daily time spent on physical exercise; some of my drinking buddies were ready to offer their support in my endeavor. Family is one of the major contributors that assist in changing one’s behavior. Family continually provides motivation and support. A physician can also assists one by applying interventions such as exercise programs, stress management technique, and dietary restriction.

There are various behavior change programs offered by my physician to assist me in my undertaking. The programs’ activities are based on a set of theories that have a common ground; according to those methods, the center of change is in one’s actions. These programs include behavior change tools and behavior change communications. The behavior change tools, such as care groups, were of great importance to me as I learned from the testimony of others and witnessed how they managed to change themselves. As a consequence, I gained more inner strength and my desire to change became even more vivid. Such behavior change programs offer a platform for an individual to reflect on his/her behavior and to reduce risk and vulnerability.

On the other hand, the behavior change communication is an approach that focuses on communication as a platform to enable individuals to incline towards forming safe and healthy behavioral patterns. Behavior change programs play a significant role in ensuring the behavior change is fully effected.

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The greatest difficulty in effecting the change is that most practitioners come up with new terms or ways to involve themselves in the health compromising characters. This shift in terminologies is a major fallback for many practitioners as they use Behavioral Change Communication (BCC).

I faced many difficulties in the course of achieving my set goals, the major one being the fact that most of my friends are alcohol partakers; as a result, I was often engaged with them in their endeavors. After my fourth failure I felt exhausted and could not continue, for every step to give up drinking seemed to take me two steps closer to the liquor stores. Despite the horrifying feeling of being left alone and being incapable of achieving my goal, my physician showed me a different way to change my behavior. Thanks to these motivational factors, as well as due to my family’s support and my desire to make them proud, I decided to continue the set course of actions. Due to attending meetings where other addicts presented their struggle, I gained more strength and capability to reach even to greater heights.

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The whole process of behavior change is a major factor of concern. Alcohol has negative effects not only on my physical and mental health, but also on financial state. When I weighted all ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of drinking, I realized there was a lot I was putting at stake. If to calculate all the money I spent on spirits, it appears to be quite a large sum of money over a considerable number of years. Therefore, if I give up drinking, I will save a lot of money, thus improving my health and financial status at the same time. One of the major changes I feel is that my body has gained more stability with reduced malnutrition. I consider this change to be one of the most courageous steps I have taken in my life by now, and I hope it will not be the last one.


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