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Free «Effects of Junk Foods» Essay Sample

Junk foods are believed to be waste foods because they contain much sugar and fat elements in spite of how they are tagged by the manufacturer or how skillfully promoted. A number of junk food options do not bring helpful dietary values, but one might incorporate little junk foods in his diet with an assertion, which it is of reasonable quantity.

Thehamburger originally emerged in the late 19th century (Fox News, 2012).The currenthamburgerwas a result of the cooking desires of a society that was hurriedly changing because of industrialization and people had minimal time to cook and eat food. Before the doubtful introduction of the hamburger in US, comparable food previously existed in the cooking custom of Europe.

Americans assert that they discovered by combining a steak ofground meat and slices of breadinto a sandwich of hamburger. Part of the argument concerning the basis of hamburger is a result of the fundamental ingredients, meat and bread, were cooked and eaten independently for several years prior to their incorporation. After its formation, hamburger was cooked with natural trait accompaniments, containing lettuce, slicedpickle, and onions.



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Global popularity of hamburger exhibits extensiveglobalizationof foodstuff, which has been seen to increase in worldwide fame of meals in other nations, comprising the kebab of Turkey,sushi of Japan, and the pizza of Italy. The hamburger has multiply from nation to nation possibly because it is simple to comprehend in diverse cooking tradition (Ritzer, 2007).These international cooking traditions have been shaped by the idea of selling and buying prepared foodstuff. This initiative was initially though around 1920 by the chain of theWhite Castlerestaurant, and was advanced by theMcDonald'saround 1940.This international growth has offered relative finances, for instance, theBig Mac Index that permits for the assessment of the buying power of diverse nations where thehamburger is sold.

.Hamburger does not have any nutrient that is helpful to the human body. In a number of instances, junk food is filled with dangerous fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates, which do not offer any helpful energy. As an effect, persons eating junk foods have reduced intensity of necessary nutrients that cause flaw in the human body. The major disadvantage of eating junk foods is that they contain high quantity of fats and oil, which leads to obesity and poor performance (Fitday.com). Consequently, the body gets it hard to assimilate these foods and requires spending high quantity of enzymes and blood. If an individual eats trash foods in excess, a key segment of blood in the human body is abstracted to the intestine.

Junk food can have significant impact on health of an individual. However, many people enjoy junk food because they taste great. Health consequences on such food can be serious and costly in the end period. Health effects can range from rapid weight gain that is not painful to some other terminal illnesses. Taking junk food is another way of attracting medical attention through therapies to reduce high blood pressure, stabilize sugar levels and weight loss among many others. Visiting medical officers and healthcare experts can be disastrous.

Junk food naturally contains high level of sugar calories and fat with modest vitamins,minerals, and proteins. Food usually regarded as junk food consist of saltysnacks,candy, sweetdessert,gum,friedfast food, and sugaredcarbonated drinks (Counihan, 2002).A lot of foodstuffs like,pizza, hamburgers, andtacos may be regarded either junk or fit food based on their components and methods used to prepare with extremelyprocessedstuffs generally fall under the category of junk food. Junk food may as well rely on the class and social position of an individual, with richer citizens tending to cover a wider definition whereas low-income customers can see less food as trash, particularly definite cultural food.

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Studies have established that junk food have negative effect on the functioning of the brain. A research conducted by Johnson and Kenny in 2008 recommended that junk food consumptions alter brain functioning in a way comparable to drug addiction likeheroin and cocaine (John 1995).After several months with unrestricted access to trash food, the delight centers of rat brain turned out to be desensitized, and wanted more food for pleasure. When he removed and substituted the junk food with ahealthy food, the rat starved for few weeks instead of consuming healthful food (Cwiertka, 2007). British Journal of Nutrition establishes that female rats that ate junk food in pregnancy augmented the possibility of harmful eating behavior in their young ones.

Junk food has also been recognized as a main cause of heart illnesses as well as myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and cardiac arrest (Ewisebusiness.com, 2012). This is because of the fact that trash foods contain too much quantity of low-density cholesterol and lipoproteins, which are deposited in the internal lining of the blood vessels (Brown, 2010). It results in the establishment of signs and the heart is needed to exert a more force in order to pump blood via arteries. Existence of fats in the blood, moreover, leads to abridged level of oxygen. Another dangerous aspect existing in junk food is excess presence of sugar and salts. Extreme presence of sodium ions contributes to an amplified blood pressure in the heart.

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Hamburgers and spam have hidden characteristics that cannot be revealed just with a common eye. Low energy levels are just other very rampant symptoms of this junk food taking effect on the nutrition system of a person. Junk foods are known for damaging the pancreas. A damage to the pancreas means that a consumer of junk food will be exposed to a range of disorders including diabetes mellitus and diabetes mellitus. Insulin is affected easily by the components present in these hamburgers and spam. Studies have noted that junk food have high levels of oil and fat. Too much fat and oil in foods hampers complete digestion of foods in the stomach. Digestive juices do not work well when such fats are high in foods. For adequate digestion then high amounts of bloods and enzymes will be required in the body. Too much consumption of junk food in a meal ensures that too much blood is channeled to help in food digestion. This makes the brain receive low levels of oxygen and therefore central nervous function will be affected negatively. In some cases, people may complain of drowsiness and low concentration levels because of these junk foods. Healthier food baskets are the only prevention of effects from such junk food.

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The costs of maintaining treatment alone cannot be compared with the actual prices of this junk food on the shelf. Junk foods like hamburgers are sold nearly everywhere in the market yet at very affordable prices. Consumers forget to think about the consequences as they consume it. This food is high selling and therefore cases of perish-ability will never occur. Many financial analysts note that cheap is expensive. This saying is true and active in the industry.

The Government rule of the United States plays a major function in the manufacture,safeguard, and delivery of food. The government regulates the appropriate preparation and storage of food. The implementation of these policies has been greatly affected by the civic protest following outbreak offood poisoning. Consequently, the examination of foods has turn into a responsibility of the US government.


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