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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has a mission of improving the safety, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare to all the people of America. Health Information Technology is one of the programs by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The Agency program is beneficial to the people of America since Health Information Technology is one of the agency programs that aim at provision of quality healthcare services.

The budget allocation for Health Information Technology has continued for the financial year 2012, it was twenty five thousand US dollars while in 2013 the estimates are still at twenty five thousand US dollars. The agency provides healthcare that is centered towards the patient, preventive services, value research that aims at achieving more value in the healthcare sector. The agency also has a mission towards patient’s safety by identifying hazards and risks that lead to medical errors. The agency budget includes all the programs support activities ranging from operational cost, salaries, transport and any other activities that the agency is engaged. It is required that every year the federal agencies develop and submit budget requests for the fiscal year that is to come (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & Hospital Cost and Utilization Project, 2008).



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The requests are contained in the Presidential budget that is presented to the Congress in February every year. It is, thus, required that every agency gives to the Congress its justifications on the achievements it has accomplished , how it spent the funds it was appropriated in the past budget and how it is planning to accomplish planned goals if given the funds it is requesting. This statement contains a summary of the budget information that is submitted to the Congress for every fiscal year.

The agency has a program in Health Information Technology that is transparent and inclusive, thus the agency can be said to be having programs that are useful to the people of America. Moreover, the agency has strategic plans which are addressed through goals that are set to achieve the agency objectives. Those measures that prove meaningless to the agency and do not contribute to the improvement of the agency activities are ignored. Stakeholders are consistently engaged in the health programs by the agency (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & Hospital Cost and Utilization Project, 2008).

The agency in its program of Health Information Technology provides information on healthcare tips to its patients. The consumers through this will learn how they can achieve quality healthcare by coordinating with the healthcare provider. This is important as it will avoid return trips by the patient to the healthcare facility. In the case of pregnancy and childbirth, the Health Information Technology provides a guide for the pregnant women.

Health Information Technology caters for all patients. It discharges database to all its patients including all the payers and also the uninsured patients. Data concerning emergency, hospital, ambulatory and surgery are availed to those using the program of Health Information Technology. Health Information Technology data can be accessed through various ways including raw data, online sources and through regular reports via email. What the patient is required to pay to the agency is determined by multiple factors such as demography which includes age and sex. Diagnosis procedure is also another determining factor, the patient length of stay at the hospital, admission type and the expected payer (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & Hospital Cost and Utilization Project, 2008).

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The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality has a team of professionals in the program of Health Information Technology that ensures the improvement in the delivery of preventive care to all the American people. The teams of professionals have resources, tools and materials that are aimed at supporting health care establishments and also to engage the entire healthcare system. There is the Preventive Task Force that is an independent panel of professionals and experts tasked with the mandate of ensuring the recommendations that are developed for clinical preventive services. The task force has a panel of leading independent experts who specialize in prevention and primary healthcare within the program of Health Information Technology (Stavans, 2010).

The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality has consistently developed a range of healthcare decision making programs ranging from Health Information Technology and also research tools that can be used by researchers and managers at health care institution at any level. Quality indicators that are used in the evaluation of the quality of health care services use data available at the healthcare facility (Stavans, 2010).

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Quality indicators are important since they can be used to pinpoint and identify the health care areas that require further investigation and study. Quality indicators also outline the likely quality concerns that can emerge and also make use of available inpatient organizational data. There are various quality indicators including prevention, inpatient, patient safety and pediatric quality indicators (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & Hospital Cost and Utilization Project, 2008).

Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality has programs useful to the American people and that should be improved to offer even services of higher quality. The Health Information Technology program is useful since it has enabled people to have access to the healthcare services information from where they are using technological devices. It has enabled the people’s access to health care services with ease where an individual can obtain the medical services that they need. It addresses the healthcare concerns of all people regardless of their geographical, social, cultural and economic factors (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & Hospital Cost and Utilization Project, 2008).


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